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Political News(2021/11/28)

Kyoto   Hakone

Communist Shii Chairman Next year's House of Councilors election “Joint fight as soon as possible”

2021-11-28 20:50:00
At a press conference, the Communist Party's chairman, Kazuo Shii, said at a press conference that there was not enough time for voters to understand the joint struggle with the Constitutional Democratic Party in the previous House of Representatives election due to the delay in the agreement. He expressed his intention to reach an agreement as soon as possible.


Constitutional Democratic Party Representative Elections

2021-11-28 18:45:00
In the representative election of the Constitutional Democratic Party, the ballot counting is approaching on the 30th, and the four candidates have made their own claims about how to deal with the government and the ruling party as the first opposition party.


Liberal Democratic Secretary General Motegi Visiting a fishing port where pumice stones are washed ashore "Prompt measures with correction" Okinawa

2021-11-28 16:20:00
Secretary General Motegi of the Liberal Democratic Party visited a fishing port in Uruma City in the central part of the main island of Okinawa where a large amount of pumice stones were washed ashore, and planned to establish a supplementary budget for this year including removal of pumice stones and support for fishermen. He showed his intention to take measures promptly.


Prime Minister Kishida "We will do our best to pass on safe and affluent Japan to the next generation."

2021-11-28 15:51:00
Prime Minister Kishida attended a memorial service held in Tokyo to commemorate the police officers who had died, and said, "We will fulfill our duty to protect the people from crime and disasters and pass on a safe and prosperous Japan to the next generation. I will do my best to do my best. "


Double the subsidy for EV purchase to a maximum of 800,000 yen.

2021-11-28 12:09:00
Subsidies for purchasing EVs = electric vehicles are expected to double to a maximum of 800,000 yen. The government wants to raise the subsidy to the level of Europe and the United States and promote the electrification of cars.


Candidates for the Constitutional Democratic Party Use SNS to appeal for support before the online voting deadline

2021-11-28 06:18:00
The vote counting of the Constitutional Democratic Party's representative election is approaching on the 30th. The four candidates continue to appeal for support by using SNS because the Internet voting of party members and supporters will be closed on the evening of the 29th.


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