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Economic news(2013/01/01)

Kyoto   Hakone

Supplementary budget for local grants founding focus

2013-01-01 22:47:00
The government is working to organize the work of the supplementary budget for this fiscal year to the pillars the emergency economic measures, but in order to ease the burden of local government in public works projects carried out in the measures, National Governors Association, a new issue It is seeking, such as the creation of gold, it is likely to become one of the focal point.


I begin to decline three years South Korea exports

2013-01-01 16:44:00
For Park Kune, who under the influence of credit, such as anxiety and European economic slowdown in China, down from the previous year for the first time in three years, he became the president next month, exports of the last year of the Korean export that to achieve the recovery is likely to be one problem in economic management.


To discussion of stuffed BOJ policy agreement

2013-01-01 15:52:00
In the direction to enter into a monetary policy decision meeting to open this month, Prime Minister Abe is seeking towards a break from the deflation, the policy agreement to be set to 2% target for inflation, the Bank of Japan, a discussion of the packed has been that, it is expected to be that the achievement of the price target, the monetary policy of the shape responsible more, to convert large.


20,000 people on New Year's Day column a department store Hatsuri

2013-01-01 12:13:00
It is crowded with shoppers immediately department store that is carried out by the 1st ahead of schedule on New Year's Day of the Hatsuri annual appeared, that will Kaimotomeyo the lucky bag.


Larger rise stock market last year of the world

2013-01-01 10:47:00
The stock markets around the world last year, and that concerns about the credit anxiety relapse of Europe is retracted, from the fact that expectations of economic recovery in the United States has increased, and radical change with the previous year, the stock has risen significantly across the board .


Hitachi, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and primary business integration also consider

2013-01-01 04:46:00
In order to increase competitiveness in foreign manufacturers, it was decided to integrate thermal power generation business as "MHI" and "Hitachi", that has been agreed in writing to fall to the study of the integration also Nuclear Operators became apparent.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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