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Economic news(2013/01/10)

Kyoto   Hakone

European Central Bank interest rate deferred

2013-01-10 22:57:00
The time being, the European Central Bank, to maintain the level of the policy rate now for open the Council of regular for determining the monetary policy of the single currency, the euro, to prop up financially the current situation of severe economic conditions, has been in the past at least I've decided.


DeNA to music fans exchange program entry

2013-01-10 21:34:00
Amid delivery of music via the Internet spread, the social game giant "DeNA", new distribution business that can exchange not only download music, music fans, such as to exchange impressions with each other on your smartphone it was decided to enter the.


China vs. Japan trade three years decreased

2013-01-10 19:08:00
Growth rate as compared to two years ago remains in 6.2%, total trade last year in China, was significantly less than the 10 percent that the Chinese government had set a target. In addition, the amount of trade with Japan, were lower than in the previous year for the first time in three years against the background of the cooling of the Japan-China relations.


The sluggish growth contract number NTT DoCoMo mobile

2013-01-10 16:22:00
While you are selling smartphone of Apple "iPhone" and "Softbank Mobile" "KDDI" has significant growth, slower growth is "NTT DoCoMo", contract number of domestic mobile phone, which has increased during the last year is that the light and dark was divided.


Decline consecutive month diffusion index 8

2013-01-10 15:50:00
The diffusion index of November last year, and from that shipments of mobile phones and the production of general machinery has decreased, index indicating the current state of the economy fell by 8 consecutive months.


Criticism on executive compensation of nine electricity price increases examination

2013-01-10 15:05:00
Committee of government to review electric rate hike that Kyushu Electric Power and Kansai Electric Power has filed whether reasonable is opened, of which, executive compensation than the rate of reduction of labor costs of employees Kyushu Electric Power is carried out towards the management rationalization criticism was that after another towards the reduction rate of the total amount is small.


"To meet claims even after aging" TEPCO

2013-01-10 14:17:00
The 10th, and visited the Fukushima prefectural government for greeting New Year, for the damages of the nuclear accident, Hirose Naomi and President under Kawa邉 Kazuhiko chairman of TEPCO, respond to claims, even after three years of aging, which is required by law I decided to clear the idea.


Selling roses unsold cheap gifts

2013-01-10 13:09:00
Events to sell roses cheap gift sets unsold at year-end shopping season of the end of the year, began at the department store in Tokyo's Ueno.


new car last year, it was selling most "Prius"

2013-01-10 12:06:00
Toyota new car last year, it was the best selling in the country in the "Prius", it becomes top for the fourth consecutive year, popularity was further gathered to light car hybrid vehicles and fuel efficient performance.


Effect on the fishery the ice cover around the fishing boat

2013-01-10 11:19:00
In Kushiro Port in Hokkaido, around the fishing boat is covered with ice in the harsh chill of every day, the ship has gone out fishing while pushing aside the ice.


Low temperature is high tend to vegetables main impact

2013-01-10 11:08:00
From the fact that growth of the major vegetables such as radish and lettuce has been delayed due to the severe cold of this winter, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, I showed the outlook time being, state above the average year that followed wholesale price, such as lettuce.


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