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Economic news(2013/01/22)

Kyoto   Hakone

To catch-up in DoCoMo new smartphone released

2013-01-22 21:29:00
NTT DoCoMo continues struggling in the smartphone market, now that an attempt to Hakaro the catch-up, and to launch a new smart phone and with a display of high quality.


Sales decline in 16 years in a row Super

2013-01-22 20:29:00
From the budget-minded consumer is strengthened by the economic downturn, sales of grocery mainstay was disappointing, sales of super nationwide one-year last year, were lower than in the previous year in 16 consecutive years.


"Efforts need to be drastic" Governor Shirakawa

2013-01-22 18:32:00
At a press conference after the monetary policy meeting, for it was clearly defined "target" a new inflation rate of 2%, Shirakawa Governor of the Bank of Japan, we need efforts to drastic equivalent "to the achievement of objectives did on the "You have seen a recognition not only the promotion of monetary easing, growth initiatives strengthening of government that is essential.


Deployment that was also rough yen exchange rate and stock prices

2013-01-22 17:25:00
The results of the Monetary Policy Meeting of the Bank of Japan, the stock market and foreign exchange market, it became a rough deployment of view of investors divided, stock prices and the yen goes up or down significantly in a short time.


Promoting employment job interview meeting of people with disabilities

2013-01-22 16:55:00
Before employment rate of people with disabilities are required to companies, from being pulled up to April this year, job interview meeting that target the disabled persons, was held in Tokyo, Toshima.


TV domestic shipments decline maximum

2013-01-22 16:43:00
From the fact that demand has been greatly reduced replacement purchases due to the digitization of terrestrial television broadcasting, and less than 67% a year ago, since I started taking the statistics, the number of flat-screen TVs that were shipped last year in Japan, became the lowest decline.


Two nine goals during committee of 2% opposite

2013-01-22 15:50:00
In Monetary Policy Meeting which was open until the 22nd, was clearly defined "target" a new inflation rate of 2%, decided a joint statement with the government, aimed to break away from deflation, the Bank of Japan, the government and the Bank of Japan I have launched a cooperation strengthening by. In the Monetary Policy Meeting of the time, partly because it was decided the policy of such unusual joint statement with the government, opinion was divided among the committee members. Go buy government bonds on indefinitely, for enhancements of the new monetary easing, all members of 9 people were in favor. However, the goal of the inflation rate of 2%, of the policy committee of nine, two of Kiuchi committee and Sato committee of economists from was voted against. The reason why the members of the two people were opposed, in the press conference, that it exceeds the level that is determined to be a sustainable price stability, efforts to growth strengthening advances is inflation rate of "2% Shirakawa Governor It was described and determine credibility of monetary policy is being impaired and raise the price target before, and "opposed.


Assertions as soon as possible Keidanren TPP negotiations

2013-01-22 14:59:00
Meeting with LDP and Keidanren on such economic policy is opened, Keidanren side, was asked to express as soon as possible to participate in the negotiations of TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.


Price target introduction decision by the Bank of Japan 2%

2013-01-22 12:58:00
In Monetary Policy Meeting which was open until the 22nd, decided a joint statement with the government that has clearly defined "target" a new inflation rate of 2%, towards the break away from deflation, the Bank of Japan, by the government and the Bank of Japan I was launched to strengthen their ties. Next year, we will buy government bonds without a time limit, the Bank of Japan has decided to strengthen measures of a new monetary easing as well.


Consultation, the Bank of Japan Monetary Policy Meeting justified

2013-01-22 11:55:00
Bank of Japan is open the Monetary Policy Meeting of the second day, and clearly defined goals and a new inflation rate of 2%, consultations packed for monetary easing measures and additional content to announce the government of "Joint Statement" I'm done.


3 years increased unemployment in the world

2013-01-22 08:37:00
ILO = International Labour Organization, clearly the outlook number of unemployed in the world as a whole of last year, started to increase for the first time in three years due to the influence of such credit anxiety of Europe, that more than 200 million people can be further increased this year were.


Shipping electric separation agreement in spin-off proposal

2013-01-22 05:39:00
At the meeting of the 21st, power operators so that all easier to use the power grid, the current committee of the country in which to discuss a review of the supply system of power, together in the power company It is now that you agreed to spin-off transmission and power generation sector departments that have, towards the implementation, next month, summarizes the process table.


To the government and the Bank of Japan Joint Statement formal decision

2013-01-22 05:18:00
Bank of Japan and the government, will decide formally on the 22nd, a joint statement was towards deflation, the Bank of Japan and so proceed with the monetary easing of one stage to target inflation rate of 2%. The Bank of Japan's policy is expected to go ahead with the monetary easing of continuous to be approximately 10 years to fit in this, come up with a strong attitude, which aims to deflation government and the Bank of Japan together.


Partnership with banks to trade insurance SME support expansion

2013-01-22 04:21:00
The 22nd, Nippon Export and Investment Insurance of independent administrative corporations, now that you tie and the new 10-line, such as regional banks across the country, to promote the expansion of assistance to small and medium-sized companies seeking to expand exports to foreign countries.


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