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Economic news(2013/01/24)

Kyoto   Hakone

BMW to fuel cell vehicles co-developed with Toyota

2013-01-24 22:09:00
Towards the widespread use of fuel cell vehicles that do not generate exhaust gas, Toyota Motor Corporation, the joint development of basic systems, such as motor and battery and objectives automaker · BMW of Germany in the partnership, the 2020 seven years after it was decided to proceed.


Second consecutive year decline Korea economic growth rate

2013-01-24 21:35:00
From that the impact of the economic slowdown in China and credit concerns in Europe, exports to drive the economy is sluggish, and decreased for the second consecutive year, economic growth rate of last year in Korea, was limited to 2% plus.


The Cabinet approved the basic policy of budgeting

2013-01-24 18:42:00
The 24th, open the cabinet meeting of the extraordinary, determine the basic policy of the FY2013 budget the new year = Heisei, in this, along with reduce maximize the waste of expenditure, as to suppress, the government as Abe Cabinet as possible issuance of government bonds I showed a willingness to maintain the fiscal consolidation route also.


Announces KDDI smartphone new products

2013-01-24 16:56:00
It aims to cultivate new demand in the smartphone market fierce sales competition continues, "KDDI", announced new products that enhance the design of such screen.


Music CD production value increased the first time in 14 years

2013-01-24 16:41:00
From such that veteran artists and popular group of young announced the hit in succession, exceeded 16 billion yen about the year before and 224.6 billion yen more than, music CD that is produced domestically in one year last year, first time in 14 years I have started to increase to.


Check draft electricity tariff hike Consumer Agency

2013-01-24 15:05:00
Investigation Committee of the Consumer Council that verifies the electric rate hike that Kyushu Electric Power and Kansai Electric Power has filed is opened, "annual income of the employee and executive compensation, or has been reduced in response to the position" The Consumer Agency has shown a draft of the checkpoint of 37 items to determine, such as information disclosure and cost reduction of the application contents whether enough.


Digital consumer electronics "white goods" I below

2013-01-24 14:09:00
From the sale of television fell significantly, domestic shipments of last year, such as recording or television of the "digital home" has declined for the first time in 10 years the value of shipments, such as air conditioners and refrigerators of the so-called "white goods" .


In the past maximum trade deficit last year

2013-01-24 09:05:00
From such that while exports to China and Europe has decreased, imports of fuel for thermal power generation has increased, and a deficit of 6.0 trillion 927.3 billion yen, trade balance of Japan for one year last year, the trade deficit amounted to It is now in the past up to much higher than in 1980 so far was the largest.


Sluggish Apple net income

2013-01-24 07:44:00
The 23rd, from and that it announced the quarterly results of the October to December last year, the production cost of the main product is inflated, IT companies in the United States, Apple 0 compared with the same period of the previous year is net income. The stay in the slight increase of 1%, concerns about the sluggish performance has been growing among investors.


IMF Japan or 1.2% growth

2013-01-24 05:12:00
It published the outlook for the global economy of the latest, for Japan, with monetary easing and economic measures of the Abe administration, the economic growth rate this year, IMF = International Monetary Fund, while still expected to be a plus of 1.2 percent, I was asked to show the fiscal consolidation measures in the medium term.


Tourists significantly decreased in the Japan-China relations worsen

2013-01-24 04:19:00
Tour that seven major travel company in Japan has been sold to three months until last month, reflecting the deterioration of Japan-China relations, monthly, number of people who travel to China, a significant decrease of more than 70% on average it was found that it became.


To expand partnership with GE thermal power generation field and Toshiba

2013-01-24 03:37:00
And to expand the partnership in the field of thermal power demand is rising globally, the major electronics manufacturers as "Toshiba" American "GE" = General Electric, the joint development of equipment for thermal power efficient outline, it was agreed that such proceeding.


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