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Economic news(2013/01/26)

Kyoto   Hakone

Adjustment of endgame at 92 trillion yen new year budget

2013-01-26 19:10:00
For the new year, 2013 fiscal year budget, in order to suppress the issuance of government bonds, by, for example, forego recorded from the reserve fund nearly 1 trillion yen that was has incorporated this year, the government, and 92 trillion yen the total amount of general accounting The adjustments have been made in the final stage in the direction you want to.


China urges shipments of smartphone is breakthrough

2013-01-26 16:48:00
In the market of smartphones IT companies in the world wage a fierce competition, in shipments of three months from October to December last year, breakthrough of China bias is conspicuous Huawei of China and into third place for the first time.


Offshore wind entry at a major trading company in Europe

2013-01-26 16:21:00
In order to connect to the deployment in Japan of offshore wind power generation, among the leading trading company, movement and embarked on a business in the field in partnership with companies in Europe, that attempt to obtain the know-how has begun.


Lead tumble Apple market capitalization

2013-01-26 13:29:00
By sharp decline in stock prices was followed, on the 25th, market capitalization, which represents the enterprise value is overtaken by oil giant Exxon Mobil of the United States, IT company Apple in the United States, has surrendered the seat of the world's top in one year.


Surrender Narita exports lead

2013-01-26 12:42:00
For 15 percent decrease from the previous year in the economic downturn, it is lower than the Port of Nagoya export of automobile-related products were strong, exports of goods were handled at Narita Airport in one year last year, first place national first time in 16 years I did not become.


The policy of benefits such as cash to people low tax payments

2013-01-26 11:52:00
Since the tax reform outline of FY2013 new year, 2007, to ease the burden associated with the increase in the consumption tax rate, the expansion of mortgage tax relief was decided, but the government and the ruling party, the people tax payments, such as income tax is low a policy that benefits such as cash, we decided to determine the benefits and how the specific amount by the summer this year at the latest.


The two organizations in the Grand Prize "Bridge Award" Food

2013-01-26 06:09:00
Special department to recognize individuals and organizations that contribute to the revitalization of agriculture has become a bridge connecting the urban and rural areas, of NHK organized by Central Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of "Japan Agricultural Award", "Bridge Award" Food winners are determined, the grand prize, the "Fukushima Prefecture Kitakata City Board of Education", in Toyooka, Hyogo Prefecture of "Tajima Agricultural Cooperatives", two organizations were chosen.


Pilot production of Toyota vehicles in the Russian Far East

2013-01-26 04:05:00
Sales of new cars in Russia strong, plant is commissioned the production from Toyota Motor Corporation, build the car of SUV = multipurpose sports type, was completed in Vladivostok in the Far East, production test began.


Adjustment in three years after the prospect power retail liberalization

2013-01-26 01:30:00
Commission of the country you are considering a review of the supply system of power, that so freely choose the contractor of power at home, for the liberalization of retail, and carried out in the prospect in 2016, three years after By using inclusion in the final report, etc., it was found that we are working to adjust.


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