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Economic news(2013/01/28)

Kyoto   Hakone

40% increase in profit strong KDDI new service

2013-01-28 20:40:00
The financial results for the three months up to last month leading telecommunications company "KDDI", etc. that discount service you set a fixed line with the smartphone is strong, the number of subscribers of the whole has increased, operating income is the same of the previous year has increased 40% compared to the period.


To 16.4 billion yen recorded in Isahaya Bay open gate investigation

2013-01-28 18:49:00
In Isahaya Bay reclamation project in Nagasaki Prefecture, for costs associated with open gate study to examine the relationship between damage to fisheries and business, as 29 billion yen a total of two years from FY2013 new year Heisei, the government, the new fiscal year budget it was decided to incorporate a 16.4 billion yen to.


Of tobacco in the "Mild Seven" new name

2013-01-28 18:00:00
Amid the tobacco, the movement to regulate the representation misleading or "mild" and "light", harm to health is small, spread abroad, has been sold in '35 more than "Mild Seven" is from next month it means that disappear, JT = Japan Tobacco, announced a new brand of products as an alternative to this.


The increase for the first time in two years car production in the country

2013-01-28 16:36:00
8 companies major automobile manufacturers, under the influence of the eco-car subsidy, the number of vehicles produced in the country last year, were higher than in the previous year for the first time in two years, but when seen in the month, September subsidy has ended These declines later, the maintenance of domestic production has become a major challenge for both companies.


A New World Bank loan to Myanmar

2013-01-28 15:45:00
In response to that the arrears of Myanmar democratization advances have been eliminated government-affiliated financial institutions in Japan, in cooperation with the Japan Bank for International Cooperation, for Myanmar, World Bank striking development assistance in developing countries, 4 the first time in 26 years It was decided to do a new loan of $ 440 million.


First landing of Chiba Katsuura Katsuo

2013-01-28 15:37:00
Of the nation's leading, to the fishing port of Katsuura, Chiba Prefecture, the 28th, bonito fishing boat which finished fishing in the waters near the Ogasawara Islands has entered the port, landed for the first time this year were made to the amount of landings of bonito.


Record update trade of middle North Korea

2013-01-28 15:10:00
North Korea, which is a record high and approximately 550 billion yen in Japanese yen, deepen the isolation in the international community, is to the new regime, the trade value of the last year of China and North Korea, economic to China that the further deepening the dependency is now highlighted.


¥ 11,000 units recovery Nikkei average temporary

2013-01-28 11:53:00
From the fact that the depreciation of the yen has advanced in the foreign exchange market, the morning, the Tokyo stock market of the 28th beginning of the week, has recovered the ¥ 11,000 units a month the first time or approximately 2 years 9 Nikkei Stock Average, but then sell order for determining the profit for the time being is out, it has become a modest price movements.


Outlook of 2.5 percent economic growth rate virtually

2013-01-28 11:38:00
At an extraordinary cabinet meeting of the 28th, about the prospects of economic growth rate of 25 new fiscal year = Heisei, under the influence of the global economic recovery and the effects of economic measures of large, government, 2.5 in real terms, excluding the change in prices % I decided formally to be a.


Year-on-year increase in the first time in 12 years used car transactions

2013-01-28 06:58:00
from such that replacement purchases of new cars has increased due to the effect of eco-car subsidies of government, the number of used car last year, was traded in the country, were higher than in the previous year for the first time in 12 years.


The new fiscal year budget entirety clearly

2013-01-28 05:03:00
Overview of FY2013 budget new year = Heisei plan for the government to Cabinet decision on the 29th becomes clear, the total general account at 92 trillion 611.5 billion yen, and will be the largest ever as the initial budget proposal.


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