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Economic news(2013/02/12)

Kyoto   Hakone

Kyoto "tea month" bankruptcy proceedings determine

2013-02-12 22:09:00
Its operating company is deadlock in management is headquartered in Kyoto, you have deployed a chain store of sushi prefectures and prefecture of four of Kansai as "tea month", and received the decision of the start of bankruptcy proceedings from the court.


Drops to 94 yen yen exchange rate

2013-02-12 20:59:00
Response to North Korea's nuclear test is limited, the Tokyo Foreign Exchange Market on the 12th of Renkyuake is that expectations of monetary easing by the Bank of Japan has increased in the wake of the remarks of government officials in the United States that was transmitted in the early morning Japan time at, the yen has fallen to 94 yen per dollar movement of the dollar buying intensified selling circle.


About 800 people full-time salary reduction and Pioneer also to reduce

2013-02-12 20:39:00
Of electronics manufacturers is "Pioneer", from the fact that performance has deteriorated in the drop in sales, we need to reduce the 800 people about temporary employees and full-time domestic and together, and decided to reduce the salaries of full-time, the labor union told.


G7 statement "exchange rate in the market"

2013-02-12 19:15:00
Amid weak yen proceeds at a relatively fast speed in the foreign exchange market, central bank governors and finance ministers of the countries advanced G7 = 7, gives a negative effect on the financial stability of the economy and a disorderly movements of "exchange market earlier has issued a statement to the like ". This is what Deputy Prime Minister Aso cum Minister of Finance made it clear to the earlier told reporters. A statement of the G7 that was organized so far, we have "Exchange Rates reaffirm as G7 It should be determined in the market, and that it should be in close consultation with respect to actions in exchange markets" or. I also have been incorporated wording "for financial stability and economic volatility and disorderly movements of excessive exchange rate adversely affects" and further. From the fact that from some countries and emerging countries in Europe, and have come up with concern and whether not the exchange induction policy, such as Japan and the United States today is to favor the export, as the G7, this is, the market exchange rate You will be expected to be to show and recognition that determined that there is aim to dispel (dispel) these concerns. Problem of foreign exchange, is expected to be discussed at finance ministers and central bank governors of the countries 20 G20 = primary to be held in Moscow in addition also emerging in G7 countries from the 15th of this month.


The request and pay raise prime minister actively

2013-02-12 17:24:00
Prime Minister Abe met with the top of the economic organizations such as Keidanren in the 12th, said, "companies that performance is improved, I want you to consider all means to raise reward" and, of wages from companies that performance has improved It was requested that is actively working to increase and bonus hike.


The first time in months plus or consumer psychology 5

2013-02-12 16:09:00
The index that indicates the movement of consumer sentiment last month, from such as rising share prices and expectations for improvement in corporate earnings due to the depreciation of the yen, become plus a month the first time in five, research in the form of now begun rising width of the exponential Since Te, it became the largest.


Agriculture Minister TPP participation pledge after confirmation

2013-02-12 15:32:00
For TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, such as adding on whether an exception is provided in the elimination of tariffs, to protect the standards for safety and security of food, Hayashi Minister of Agriculture, was listed in its manifesto in the House of Representatives election the previous Liberal Democratic Party It showed recognized to participate in the negotiations if you can not see the point of all that difficult.


To economic policy described in the Deputy Prime Minister G20

2013-02-12 11:18:00
For finance ministers and central bank governors of the countries 20 G20 = primary to be held in Moscow from the 15th of this month, aimed to move away from the "deflationary recession, monetary policy, Aso Deputy Prime Minister cum Minister of Finance, the economic policy as a new Cabinet It said that to say other than that I'm doing properly and "no, we showed the idea at the meeting, would like to fully explain the economic policy of the Abe Cabinet.


And support the US Treasury Secretary Japan's economic policy

2013-02-12 09:57:00
Before the finance ministers and central bank governors of the G20 to be held in Moscow from the 15th of this month, the Abe government Brainard vice finance minister of the United States is met, have also resulted in depreciation of the yen against the dollar to come up with aggressive monetary easing we showed the idea of ​​economic policy, to support as it aims to deflation regained growth potential.


The mid-$ 1 = 94 yen level in the United States officials remark

2013-02-12 08:25:00
From what has been said officials of the United States is to support the economic policy of the Abe administration, movement to buy the dollar by selling circle again is strengthened, temporary New York foreign exchange market of the week opening, yen exchange rate, $ 1 = 94 yen It drops to the die mid, depreciation of the yen against the dollar went forward to the level of the month or the first time in about 2 years 9.


The prediction of the surge to 13-fold mobile device traffic

2013-02-12 05:06:00
Against the background of the rapid spread of smartphones, prediction of when you enjoy the video you can see the site in portable devices "data traffic" is, that soared to 13 times the 2012 worldwide in 2017 is now unity were.


Do pay attention to Japan's economic policy to the G20 held

2013-02-12 04:22:00
Finance ministers and central bank governors of the countries 20 G20 = major plus emerging to developed countries, was held in Moscow from the 15th of this month, Japan to advocate such a bold monetary easing, a weaker yen, high stock advances attention is likely to gather in economic policy.


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