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Economic news(2013/02/15)

Kyoto   Hakone

US-based companies received orders for power plants of Kunashir

2013-02-15 21:29:00
It can be seen that the companies of the United States system with offices in the Russian Far East, has received an order for construction of a power plant in the Northern Territories of Kunashir, participation of the United States-based companies to develop business with Russia is likely to spread the ripples.


The interest in the depreciation of the yen-high stock prices to the opening at the G20 Moscow

2013-02-15 21:01:00
Finance ministers and central bank governors of the country will begin in Moscow G20, or 20 major plus emerging to developed countries. Japanese interest in each country gather in the progress of the weaker yen, stock sales, concerned that some of it is described as something that aimed to break away from the deflationary economic policy for now, that or not you're induced cheap circle It is thought to dispel you want to (dispel).


"The coal-fired power required to provide stable supply"

2013-02-15 17:16:00
For that Ishihara Minister of the Environment, has expressed concern in expansion and construction of new coal-fired power plants from an environmental point of view, at a press conference on the 15th, Yagi Makoto chairman of the Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan to make power companies, cheap stable It was emphasized in order to supply the power you have, the need is coal-fired.


Starting bid TEPCO power purchase

2013-02-15 14:39:00
Order to compensate for the power shortage, it means to procure cheap power from coal-fired power plants that other companies will construct, TEPCO began bidding from the 15th. In contrast to this, the Minister of the Environment Ishihara has expressed concern from an environmental point of view, adjustments have been made between the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.


To natural resource development companies priority support

2013-02-15 13:48:00
A conference of the Cabinet after the 15th, for the Japanese companies to develop a natural resource prices, such as "shale gas" is cheap, Motegi Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry may consider financial support in the direction by which the Government may provide guarantees on a priority basis It was revealed that you have.


The departure to Deputy Prime Minister Aso G20

2013-02-15 11:47:00
The depreciation of the yen-high stock advances, countries interested among Japan's economic policy, Aso Deputy Prime Minister cum Minister of Finance, to attend the finance ministers and central bank governors of the country G20, or main 20 to be held in Moscow am on the 15th, I was starting the Narita Airport.


Airlines to the birth of the world's largest

2013-02-15 09:05:00
The 14th, it announced that it has agreed to the merger, airlines of the United States of restructuring during the "American Airlines", "US Airways" was now that the airlines of the world's largest is born in transport performance.


G20 Japan seek to understand deflation

2013-02-15 05:09:00
Was added to the emerging countries to developed countries, finance ministers and central bank governors of the country, will begin in Moscow G20, or 20 major. Since the high stock prices and the depreciation of the yen, countries interested in while in Japan's economic policy, some countries show concern about weaker yen proceeding at a relatively early speed, as Japan, the policy now induction into weaker yen It is a policy that rather, it is described as something that aims to break away from deflation, and seek understanding.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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