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Economic news(2013/02/16)

Kyoto   Hakone

Verification that "currency competitive devaluation" is not carried out G20

2013-02-16 22:28:00
Responding to concerns of hits to exchange induction monetary easing to favor exports are growing, finance ministers and central bank governors of the countries 20 G20 = major, which has been held in Moscow, of the policy to "Exchange Rates It was confirmed that it issued a joint statement which was clearly not the target, "the thing, is not carried out so-called" currency competitive devaluation ".


To reaffirm the G20 "currency competitive devaluation" Avoiding

2013-02-16 18:55:00
In the joint statement based also on weaker yen which is closing soon, the process proceeds at a relatively fast speed, concerns have come from some countries, summarizes the results of the discussion, G20 it is opened in Moscow, its own currency It is expected to re-confirm the avoidance inducing cheaper of the so-called "currency competitive devaluation".


Also management strategy review if operated stop prolonged

2013-02-16 17:09:00
Flight stop of Boeing 787 if prolonged further, Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways, which had considered, such as the opening of a new route using the 787, is likely to be forced to review the strategy.


Rice beef sales start of deregulation

2013-02-16 12:06:00
Imports of beef produced in the United States is relieved from this month, part of the major supermarkets, sales of beef to 30 months of age following imports had been regulated began.


G20 match in "currency competitive devaluation" avoidance

2013-02-16 07:00:00
Given that concern, such as hitting the exchange induction and finished the discussion of the first day, monetary easing in developed countries is to favor the export is out, tries to cheaper local currency, G20, which was kicked off in Moscow so-called "currency competitive devaluation agreement was recognition "that should be avoided.


14.7 percent increase in China "Spring Festival" retail sales

2013-02-16 05:17:00
In China, since large Lunar New Year holidays, called "Spring Festival" is the end in the 15th, sales of precious metals and appliances were strong sales of the retail industry during the period, increased by 14.7% than the previous year it was found that it was up to about 8 trillion yen in Japanese Yen Te.


US Treasury time "exchange remarks carefully"

2013-02-16 05:02:00
Given that the sense of vigilance to induce cheap currencies in the wake of a weaker yen to advance this place to the "currency competitive devaluation" is spreading, and international, Brainard vice finance minister of the United States, the principle market that decide exchange rates It was urged a cautious so as not to facile remarks protect, such as moving the exchange rate.


To the new organization founded aiming marine facility orders

2013-02-16 04:14:00
Since the aim is used in the development of seabed resources such as oil and natural gas going all over the world, orders for large marine facility, such as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and IHI's policy to establish a new research organization jointly next week.


Victims mortgage exemption leverage

2013-02-16 00:32:00
If you'll let you know more widely a system for exemption under certain conditions, the mortgage repayment has become difficult people who were affected by the earthquake is still troubled, called by the Tohoku Local Finance Bureau at JR Sendai Station have been made.


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