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Economic news(2013/02/19)

Kyoto   Hakone

The decrease in the month or the first time foreign visitors 11

2013-02-19 20:38:00
From Chinese New Year was in January last year was the February this year, travelers from Hong Kong and China and is greatly reduced, the number of foreign tourists last month, visited Japan, before It was a negative of the month or the first time in 11 compared to the same month of the year.


Asset management company acquisition of ORIX Netherlands

2013-02-19 19:02:00
Order to expand revenues from asset management, to expand the financial services industry, such as a lease "ORIX", has agreed to acquire approximately ¥ 240 billion asset management company in the Netherlands.


Co-founded the organization aims to marine facility orders

2013-02-19 18:37:00
The 19th, the official amid development project of offshore oil is successive in many parts of the world, in order to aim the base of the front of the project, so to speak, the orders of the marine facility that floats on the sea, and a leading machinery manufacturer in Japan, and has established a joint organization I announced to.


In the past the peak-to-China trade deficit

2013-02-19 17:44:00
From such that exports from Japan fell in the deterioration of Japan-China relations and the slowdown in the Chinese economy, trade balance between China and Japan for one year last year, became the largest ever trade deficit with China.


Car launch of the pedestrian airbag equipped

2013-02-19 15:23:00
Amid among automobile manufacturers, competitive development of safety performance with the accident becomes violently, and an attempt to suppress as much as possible the injury pedestrian due to a collision accident, passenger cars fitted with airbags pedestrian in front of the vehicle body is released directly below.


Trade fair of furniture for the elderly

2013-02-19 14:44:00
Trade fairs, such as furniture and interior that target the baby boomers and the elderly have been held in Tokyo.


The wage increase request to Komei Yamaguchi representative economic world

2013-02-19 13:44:00
Yamaguchi representative of the New Komeito and Yonekura, chairman of Keidanren met, in order to lead to the improvement of people's lives to break away from deflation, Komeito side sought the cooperation of the business community so as to raise the labor share through the raising of wages.


Also cautious opinion in a joint statement the Bank of Japan meeting

2013-02-19 11:31:00
In Monetary Policy Meeting of the Bank of Japan last month decided a joint statement that the Bank of Japan and the government towards deflation, from the policy committee of multiple, there is a question share the recognition with the government or are achieved enough, and over time a little more I've found that as I should Te consultation, careful opinion has been issued.


Negative to the Deputy Prime Minister Aso foreign bond purchase

2013-02-19 10:52:00
For the purchase of foreign bonds that are at a press conference after the cabinet meeting, and brought this one home for a new monetary easing means that the Bank of Japan do, and has the same effect as foreign exchange intervention of yen selling, Aso Deputy Prime Minister cum Minister of Finance, to "purchase The care and said "no, we showed the negative thoughts.


730 billion yen extra sales of the Amazon Japan

2013-02-19 05:08:00
Internet mail order giant America, the "Amazon", it was found that it is a scale that revealed for the first time that sales in Japan for one year last year amounted to 730 billion yen more than, greater than the optimism of the largest domestic.


Discussion accelerated formed Industrial Competitiveness Subcommittee meeting

2013-02-19 04:10:00
Towards the compilation of the growth strategy of the economy, and competitiveness and expand exports of agriculture, such as the realization of energy economical, providing a subcommittee of seven priority issues for each clean, industrial competitiveness meeting of government, discussion We decided to go to accelerate.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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