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Economic news(2013/02/27)

Kyoto   Hakone

Need competition to IEA Secretary-General LNG cuts

2013-02-27 20:44:00
27, Van der Hoeven, Secretary General of the IEA = International Energy Agency that visited Japan, met with Mogi Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, LNG = liquefied natural demand is increasing as fuel for thermal power generation for in this In order to procure cheap gas, has shown a recognition that to promote competition in the power company that's important.


Price increases in electricity gas rate company of April

2013-02-27 20:16:00
Electrical and gas bills month of April this year, from the fact that import prices of LNG = liquefied natural gas and crude oil rises in the yen's depreciation, 4 major city gas and 10 companies power, than the previous month aligned It is now possible to hike.


Month continuous upward revision or economic decision 2

2013-02-27 19:41:00
In the monthly economic report of the month, from such that the export environment is improved by the depreciation of the yen recently, corporate profits are picking up around the car, as "have stopped falling," the status quo decision of the economy, the government 2 I have revised upward consecutive months.


Why natural gas IEA Secretary General Japan or higher

2013-02-27 18:15:00
Natural gas gathering attention in the wake of the accident of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. By nuclear power plant in the country was stopped one after another, the demand for natural gas has been increasing rapidly. However, relatively expensive state continues Compared to Europe and the United States, import price of natural gas in Japan, has become to weigh on the Japanese economic recovery. In order for the 26th, and a lecture in Tokyo, to lower the price of natural gas in Japan, van der Fefen Secretary General of the IEA = International Energy Agency, that determine the price depending on the supply and demand of natural gas in the region It was emphasized that to make Asia a wholesale market that can be important.


12 weeks in a row rising gasoline prices

2013-02-27 16:37:00
From that the depreciation of the yen and high crude oil prices, import price of crude oil has risen, and more than 156 yen per liter national average retail price of regular gasoline this week, 12 a month the first time in 2 years and 9 It was a continuous rise of the week.


Decrease consecutive months domestic production volume 5 of the car

2013-02-27 16:00:00
8 companies major automobile manufacturers, in the influence of the so-called eco-car subsidy is completed, it is less than 10 percent the same month of the previous year, the number of cars last month, were produced in the country, declined in consecutive months 5.


Decreased to 0.67% long-term interest rates

2013-02-27 14:40:00
From cautious to credit anxiety of Europe, the movement to buy Japanese government bonds as a safe asset is strengthened further, long-term interest rates to decline further than the 26th, and 0.67%, Tokyo bond market 27 days, 9 August level of the month the first time has been followed by either.


Technical Exhibition of "fuel cell vehicles" latest

2013-02-27 12:10:00
Major car manufacturers are planning to sell in the year after next, exhibition of eco-car next generation about the "fuel cell vehicles" will begin, and technology that lead to the reduction of production cost, the latest technology has been introduced.


To 9.7% price hike sold wheat

2013-02-27 11:18:00
For the price of imported wheat to sell, such as milling company, under the influence of the weak yen and rise in wheat prices international, purchase price as being rose, Ministry of Agriculture, 9.7% on average from April this year It was decided to raise.


$ 100 or more rise NY Dow

2013-02-27 07:30:00
The New York stock market of the 26th, orders gathered to buy from and expectations of economic recovery in the United States, more than $ 100, the Dow Jones Industrial Average stock price has risen.


FRB chairman continued monetary easing stance

2013-02-27 06:12:00
For monetary easing measures large now that has spread in some observation FRB that or not to terminate early, Bernanke FRB = Federal Reserve Board, which corresponds to the central bank of the United States, and employment "economy and as "being propped up, it was not blur the attitude to continue easing aggressively.


Seminars calling for Africa business

2013-02-27 05:17:00
Seminars for companies calling for business in Africa was held in Yokohama on the 26th, and corporate persons who are resident experience, introduced the challenges and potential for investment and business.


The fashion of Japan to Saudi Arabia

2013-02-27 04:50:00
Exhibition in Saudi Arabia called the country of Islam the most conservative in the world, that will Urikomo and cosmetics and clothes of Japan begins, the fashion called and popular "cute" young women of Japan, local women I have expressed an interest strong.


Land prices rise district is increased by 1.5 times

2013-02-27 04:22:00
from such as the demand for office buildings and housing is growing in the background and expectations of economic recovery, land prices of the major cities across the country last month the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has collectively, compared to a survey of three months ago district rose has been increased to 1.5 times.


To geothermal research in Taisetsu National Park

2013-02-27 04:12:00
National Park of Japan's largest in the center of Hokkaido, in Daisetsuzan National Park, field survey for the construction of a geothermal power plant, now that you begin to June this year. Country, last year, since relaxed the restrictions on development at the National Park, research is done is the first in the nation.


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