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Economic news(2013/03/07)

Kyoto   Hakone

To Family Mart bonus hike

2013-03-07 21:35:00
Amid at the request of Prime Minister Abe, the movement of the wage increase for the deflation began to rise, a new, major convenience store chain "Family Mart" is 0.7% of the annual income for the bonus of employees of 25 fiscal year, It was decided to raise.


The Bank of Japan Governor Shirakawa fiscal consolidation efforts

2013-03-07 18:14:00
At a press conference after the monetary policy meeting, so that it is not received monetary easing by the Bank of Japan has been the assumption of severe financial, Shirakawa Governor of the Bank of Japan to retire this month, recognition that we need efforts toward fiscal consolidation I showed again.


Month the first time reduced or index 2, which shows economic trends present situation

2013-03-07 17:27:00
The diffusion index of January this year, and from that shipment of the product was reduced in part of the manufacturing industry, index that indicates the present state of the economy has declined to the moon the first time or two.


Performance of small and medium-sized stock prices rise brokerage market upward

2013-03-07 16:30:00
A high stock of recent performance of securities firms of small and medium-sized tough business was followed by sluggish stock prices long-term, has picked up at once. Of these, some in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, which was founded in 1948 to "Yamagen securities", etc. to introduce a promising industry and call the best customers of the individual, has continued the business style of old-fashioned. After the collapse of Lehman Brothers, in the downturn of the stock price, commission income of stock trading which is the pillar of revenue fell significantly. Are forced to restructuring in the company, the number of employees has been reduced to 39 people of about half compared to the peak. However, business conditions have changed dramatically since November last year, phone inquiries from customers is now entering incessantly. It is to say that buying and selling of stock orders also increased significantly, fee income monthly, and was increased to 2.5 times more compared to the same period of the previous year or 4 until last month. Extremely severe management because it was followed by securities companies "small and medium-sized, booming so much was not expecting at all. Higher stock if continued in the future, Fujiwara Kazunori president of Yamagen securities to blessed rain just for us I was talking to, "I think that it will be.


Month or the first time in four years 5 ¥ 12,000 units temporary stock

2013-03-07 15:57:00
Order is out to buy in the center stocks of export-related amid rising share prices followed worldwide, the Nikkei Stock Average, the Tokyo stock market for seven days, a month the first time or approximately 4 years 5 as during trading hours, one o'clock, I have to recover the 12,000 yen range.


Japan's largest boat exhibitions such as disaster lifeboat

2013-03-07 14:26:00
Exhibition in the country's largest collection such as lifeboats that have been developed for disaster response, such as tsunami, the state-of-the-art boat began in Yokohama.


Tourist destination ranking Japan # 14

2013-03-07 14:02:00
Findings international nations of the world were compared how much attractive as a tourist destination has been announced, Japan I gained eight ranking from the previous survey to enter the 14th.


Determine the status quo of the Bank of Japan monetary policy

2013-03-07 12:41:00
In helping to open the Monetary Policy Meeting which is the last under the Shirakawa president to retire this month, was revised upward being "stopped falling" for the economic judgment of the domestic, the Bank of Japan, assess the effect of monetary easing until now We decided to stay the same monetary policy as a tie.


Magazine of Time Warner under the umbrella "time" separating

2013-03-07 11:54:00
Order to streamline management, media giant American "Time Warner" has announced plans to separate the leading magazine of the under performance is sluggish "Time".


The recommendation to Mr. Nakao finance ministers Asian Development Bank President

2013-03-07 10:44:00
Officially announced that it is recommending Takehiko Nakao financial officer of the Ministry of Finance to succeed President Kuroda of the Asian Development Bank, Aso Deputy Prime Minister cum Minister of Finance, for Japan to maintain the president post continued, the government, from the national I showed the idea to full-scale installation of the support.


Recover ¥ 12,000 units Nikkei Stock Average

2013-03-07 09:46:00
Order out to buy stocks of many mainly from export-related, such as expectations of economic recovery in the United States, the Nikkei Stock Average, the Tokyo stock market for seven days, a month or the first time in about 4 years 5 as during trading hours I have recovered the 12,000 yen range.


Updated NY Dow Jones Industrial Average all-time high value

2013-03-07 07:32:00
The New York stock market of the 6th, the order spread to buy from expectations of economic recovery in the United States, The Dow Jones average has further updated the highest ever value that you gave to the previous day.


Improved FRB reporting economy slowly

2013-03-07 07:12:00
FRB = Federal Reserve Board, which corresponds to the central bank of the United States showed the judgments about the economic situation of the latest American around, auto sales and housing continued to increase, the economy that has improved as a whole gradual.


To lump full amount answer Nissan spring offensive

2013-03-07 04:41:00
"Nissan" is our firm policy to be based and that the lump, about the so-called bonus, profitability of exports has improved in the yen's depreciation trend of this place in the spring offensive of this year, to as requested full amount answer union were.


Food strengthening sales of local production for disaster reconstruction assistance

2013-03-07 04:22:00
Before to become two years from the Great East Japan Earthquake, among major supermarket, efforts to sell the food in the affected areas such as marine products of Sanriku, and that attempts to support the reconstruction is spreading.


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