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Economic news(2013/03/09)

Kyoto   Hakone

Rise 3.2% China consumer price

2013-03-09 21:53:00
And the rise of 3.2%, consumer price index last month in China, becomes a high level of more than 3% a month the first time in nine compared to the same month of the previous year, as the Chinese government, the economy toward recovery Some, I will be asked to Mekubari the rapid rise in prices.


Exhibition of Japanese products in Myanmar

2013-03-09 19:39:00
In Myanmar, which is also called the "last frontier in Asia", expansion of Japanese companies is accelerating, exhibition and sale of goods of Japanese brand is opened, 100 companies over the past largest, while wearing a purchasing power in the economic reform I worked to sell to the intermediate layer of certain Myanmar.


Study the "consumption tax reduction sale" ban

2013-03-09 17:11:00
After the increase in the consumption tax rate, which is scheduled for April next year, and be carried out, such as major supermarkets is not reflected in the price the tax increase worth and "consumption tax reduction sale", the government, as such contrary to the spirit of fair burden of tax , that you are considering the correspondence unusual forbid by law such sale is now clear.


To Sony Stringer Chairman of the Board of Directors retired

2013-03-09 14:34:00
It was decided about seven years until last year, he was the top of the management major electronics manufacturer "Sony", Howard Stringer, Chairman of the Board of Directors is retired in June this year, to withdraw from the title of all of Sony.


To 10% reduction in Google Motorola employee

2013-03-09 11:00:00
Handset manufacturers, for Motorola Mobility under the umbrella that performance is sluggish, in order to get off the ground turnaround by advancing a rationalization, a leading IT company Google in the United States, policies to reduce the 1,200, which corresponds to 10% of all employees I was in the clear.


To a 96-month yen $ 1 the first time 3 years 7 NY

2013-03-09 07:36:00
From the perspective employment situation in the United States that have improved, the movement to sell the yen to buy a dollar is strengthened, the yen exchange rate, temporary New York foreign exchange market of the 8th is $ 1 a month the first time or approximately 3 years 7 = I have fallen up to 96 yen.


Highest value updated at NY Dow four consecutive days

2013-03-09 06:56:00
The New York stock market of the 8th, the order spread to buy from that the contents of the employment statistics of the United States, which was announced this day was improved by more than expected, Dow Jones Industrial Average was updated highest-ever in four consecutive days.


"The price outlook for the company" to survey items of Tankan

2013-03-09 06:34:00
In Tankan = Short-term Economic Survey of Enterprises that have done every three months, in order to accurately grasp the trend of important prices in predicting the future of the economy, the Bank of Japan, with what outlook for prices companies it was decided to incorporate as a new survey items and that you are.


It downgraded the US credit rating company Italy government bonds

2013-03-09 05:00:00
The 8th, after the parliamentary elections last month, Fitch Ratings of the leading rating agencies, has a one-notch downgrade the rating of government bonds of Italy that is a situation where inauguration of the new government was stable impenetrable.


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