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Economic news(2013/03/12)

Kyoto   Hakone

To the full amount of bonus answer in Toyota spring offensive

2013-03-12 23:40:00
In spring offensive this year's hike in wages has become a focus, Toyota Motor Corporation, has solidified a policy to answer the full amount for the third consecutive year the bonus amount which is the level of the best in the Lehman shock to the request of the union were.


Sale consideration of Renesas portable semiconductor business

2013-03-12 22:08:00
of leading semiconductor manufacturers poor management is continuing "Renesas Electronics" has announced that it will consider the sale of the semiconductor business of mobile phones that deficit continues.


Hong Kong companies TOB proposed withdrawal

2013-03-12 20:26:00
Leading paint manufacturers for "Nippon Paint", a leading group of companies in Hong Kong, which has proposed a tender offer for TOB = shares, announced in the light of circumstances that do not progress discussions with the "Nippon Paint", and withdrew the proposal.


Expectations in methane hydrate

2013-03-12 18:31:00
For that from methane hydrate in the seabed off the coast of Mie Prefecture and Aichi Prefecture, we have succeeded in collecting the world's first natural gas, in the organization of small and medium-sized enterprises in Mie Prefecture, and interest expected to lead to the activation of the local economy has been improved.


High level of the month or the first time in 5 years 8 consumer psychology

2013-03-12 17:56:00
Rises in two consecutive months from such expectations for policy, index of consumer trends research that shows the movement of consumer sentiment last month, became the high standards of the month or the first time in 5 years 8.


And resolved to join TPP opposition, such as JA

2013-03-12 17:15:00
Open the rally massive in Tokyo on the 12th, for the TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, such as JA Zenchu ​​= Central Union of Agricultural Cooperatives has adopted a resolution that adamantly opposed to negotiating partners that can not protect the national interest.


Down 17% new car sales of Japanese cars in China from January to February

2013-03-12 15:29:00
While increased 14.7% compared to the same period of last year, the expansion of sales continues within the economy towards recovery, sales of new cars in January and February of this year in China, sales of passenger cars of Japanese cars It has declined more than 17 percent is, it indicates that the effect of the deterioration of Japan-China relations have continued.


Beer based beverages increased shipments stock prices or favorable effect

2013-03-12 15:06:00
Result of the beer mainstay and turn positive for the first time in five years, the entire even become a positive month the first time in four or, in the beer manufacturers, in and rising stock prices of this place, shipments of beer based beverages last month, consumption You are either not for purchasing willingness of people is increasing.


Solidify government policy of "tax reduction sale" ban

2013-03-12 13:45:00
The firm policy that prohibits the Commercial Code does not reflect the price the tax increases worth for when it is raising the consumption tax rate from April next year, to maintain the fairness of the tax burden and "consumption tax reduction sale", the government, a new these provisions It is now to be submitted to the Diet now, a bill that incorporates.


Months continuous plus or domestic corporate goods price index 3

2013-03-12 13:14:00
Domestic corporate goods price index last month (February) that indicates the movement of the price of goods to be traded between companies, from such as the price of the item to be imported, such as gasoline in the yen depreciation trend of where this has gone up, It was a plus in the third consecutive month compared with the previous month.


Successful methane hydrate collected from the seabed

2013-03-12 11:51:00
Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, announced are expected to be used as resources of domestic natural gas in the future for "methane hydrate", to its success in the collection of gas from the world's first sea floor off the coast of Mie Prefecture and Aichi Prefecture.


Methane hydrate collected start

2013-03-12 11:27:00
Are expected to be used as resources of domestic natural gas in the future for "methane hydrate", off the coast of Mie Prefecture and Aichi Prefecture, Mogi Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, for the collection of gas from the seabed which is the world's first in the morning on the 12th It was revealed that it has entered the work was full-fledged.


Blast furnace to pause the first time in 20 years Nippon Steel Sumitomo Metals

2013-03-12 11:06:00
From the demand for steel products has been sluggish in Japan, firm a policy to pause one blast furnaces in the Chiba prefecture of "Kimitsu Works", Nippon Steel Sumitomo Metals Steel's largest blast furnace the first time in 20 years as a company It was decided to go ahead to the rest of the.


Updated NY stock record high

2013-03-12 06:13:00
The New York stock market of the 11th, the order spread to buy from expectations of a full-scale economic recovery in the United States, The Dow Jones average has updated the ever highest value in 5 consecutive business days.


JT stocks gain on the sale of reconstruction funding is nearly doubled

2013-03-12 04:15:00
In order to cover the reconstruction financial resources of the Great East Japan Earthquake, the gain on the sale of shares of JT = JT the government sell this time, that more than 970 billion yen in total against the background of the rise in stock prices, it increases to nearly twice the initially expected became.


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