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Economic news(2013/03/28)

Kyoto   Hakone

The Permanent Secretary in the previous financial IIJ president

2013-03-28 22:23:00
Has worked and connection service of the Internet "Internet Initiative", I announced the appointment permanent secretary to the president in front of the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Eijiro wins.


Entered the music distribution business DeNA

2013-03-28 21:51:00
Amid the business to deliver music to smartphones that spread rapidly to expand, "DeNA" is entered in this field from a new game industry now, competition for the user acquisition is likely to become more intense.


Deficit solved by Panasonic TV business three years

2013-03-28 19:57:00
For TV business that is causing the slump, it is assumed to eliminate the deficit over the next three years, electronics giant forecast to fall into deficit in excess of 700 billion yen for the second consecutive year, "Panasonic", announced the management plan.


Electrical and increase in gas rates of May

2013-03-28 18:29:00
Electrical and gas rates of May worth this year, from the fact that under the influence of the weak yen, import prices of LNG = liquefied natural gas and crude oil rises, four major city gas and power companies of all than the previous month It is now possible to price increases also.


To increase the 3 major bank bonus

2013-03-28 17:54:00
Three lines large banks, now that you have the full amount of answers to increase request of bonus union side was determined to increase the bonus aligned three lines for the first time in five years.


Month or the first time in about 9 years and 9 decreased to 0.510% long-term interest rates

2013-03-28 17:03:00
In addition to the view monetary easing by the Bank of Japan would be strengthened, from wariness to the outlook for the European economy, the movement to buy Japanese government bonds is strengthened further, Tokyo bond market of 28 days, long-term interest rates month the first time or approximately 9 years 9 I was down to 0.510% to.


Consecutive months or decreasing domestic production car 6

2013-03-28 16:42:00
The number of cars last month, was produced in the country, from the fact that in addition to the slowdown in domestic sales due to the end of eco-car subsidy, the transfer of production to overseas is progressing, eight companies the major automobile manufacturers, in previous years and less than 15 percent the same month, it was decreased in 6 consecutive months.


The 10.3 billion yen investment in Samsung Sharp

2013-03-28 16:25:00
South Korea agreed a capital tie-up from the "Samsung Electronics", the 28th, the account for outlook "Sharp" is funded by 10.3 billion yen the final deficit largest ever at the closing of the fiscal year ended March 31 due to the slump in the core business directly below.


Newspaper acquisitions of companies in Taiwan abandoned deep relationship with China

2013-03-28 15:04:00
Amid voice concerned that in Taiwan, plans to corporate group closely related with China to acquire the newspaper giant had progressed, but the influence of China's media is strong increases, corporate group side abandoned island acquisition were.


"Debt of the country is unsustainable," Bank of Japan Governor

2013-03-28 13:04:00
Kuroda President of the Bank of Japan, in the fiscal and monetary committee of the Upper House, and said, "debt of government is unsustainable" or, for stable economic growth, and at the same time as the monetary easing by the Bank of Japan, the government steady fiscal consolidation It showed a recognition that it will run on is not essential.


The bonus of zero summer Renesas turnaround

2013-03-28 12:16:00
Semiconductor giant poor performance is "Renesas Electronics", one year further extended from next month, a cut of salary monthly in helping towards the rebuilding of management, it was zero bonus of summer, it has been implemented as a temporary measure It is now possible to.


The attention to the NY International Auto Show luxury car

2013-03-28 11:09:00
Tendency to auto show the latest model of the world kicked off in New York, to reflect the strong American economy, each company to strengthen the luxury cars and mid-size car high-margin has been conspicuous.


Or foreign matter inside the battery during the manufacturing process

2013-03-28 04:23:00
The MMC that a plug-in hybrid vehicle that can be charged at home, a problem that melts part of the battery became clear, and it may have caused a short foreign matter mixed in the battery in the course of production Look, we decided to rush to identify the cause.


I seek to understand proposed Cerberus Seibu side

2013-03-28 01:01:00
Parent company of Seibu Railway for "Seibu Holdings", investment funds of America embarked on a tender offer for TOB = stock "Cerberus", 27, told reporters, as it's proposed to enhance the value as a company in Tokyo In the future, I have emphasized the attitude to seek understanding in Seibu side.


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