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Economic news(2013/04/13)

Kyoto   Hakone

The aim of Suu Kyi invited

2013-04-13 16:14:00
This time, Aung San Suu Kyi has visited Japan at the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. As a government, you may aim be to lead to Suu Kyi is the presence iconic democratization of Myanmar, would like to appeal to the inside and outside Japan's position to promote the further development of democracy, to assist. Furthermore, the idea that among the foray into Myanmar of Japanese companies to accelerate, want to further strengthen ties between the two countries mainly in economic terms, in addition to the chairman of both houses of the Diet and Kishida Foreign Minister to meet with Suu Kyi, Prime Minister Abe and we have been adjusted in the direction in which the meeting also.


Held in Washington from G20 18 日

2013-04-13 15:51:00
Finance ministers and central bank governors in the country, will be held in Washington from the 18th or G20 = 20. Amid BOJ go ahead to monetary easing large-scale, the emerging side, by monetary easing in developed countries, there is also concern that excessive capital flows, monetary easing, including the exchange market, it is discussed the impact on the global economy It is a forward-looking statements.


Gazing at the exchange reported weaker yen acceleration of rice

2013-04-13 11:18:00
Summarizes the report on exchange rate policies of major trading partners, as well as watch the monetary easing measures large-scale of the Bank of Japan has led to an acceleration of the depreciation of the yen, for Japan, the United States Treasury Department, and a weaker yen induction intentional I was prompted policy responses that could be taken to avoid.


TPP prior consultation agreement Congress both pros and cons

2013-04-13 10:45:00
For that prior consultation of Japan and the United States over the TPP = Pacific partnership agreement was reached an agreement, in the United States Congress of prospects to be notified of the commencement of negotiations with Japan from the United States government close to the favor by such circumstances constituency of each lawmaker , opposite, various reaction has come out.


JP Morgan record net income

2013-04-13 10:36:00
Against the background of the recovery of the housing market, the financial institutions · JP Morgan Chase in the United States top, quarterly financial results for January to March this year, that the provisions provided in the bad debts of the mortgage in a significant reduction in the number of asset scale from such, net income is now in the past the best.


NY foreign exchange market exchange rate of the yen appreciation

2013-04-13 09:36:00
Because it showed the idea of ​​Treasury of the United States to monitor carefully economic policy and that economic indicators in the United States, which was announced this day is below the market expectations, the New York foreign exchange market 12 days, sell the dollar movement to repurchase circle Te is strengthened, the yen has risen.


To consultation in the LNG gas company in Russia

2013-04-13 00:42:00
Before the Nichiro summit is also scheduled at the end of this month, the top of the gas company of Russia's largest visited Japan on the 17th, for the construction of a production plant of LNG = liquefied natural gas that has been planned in the Russian Far East, it was found that you are planning a consultation with and government officials.


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