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Economic news(2013/04/17)

Kyoto   Hakone

Natural gas engine development of large marine

2013-04-17 21:18:00
That of shipbuilding major "MES" was developed for the first time in the country, the engine of large vessels for using natural gas as fuel emissions such as carbon dioxide is smaller than that of the heavy oil, the future, and begin the orders towards the practical use now.


It drops 98 yen level yen exchange rate

2013-04-17 18:36:00
Tokyo Foreign Exchange Market on the 17th, the movement to buy the dollar by selling yen from expectations for the economic recovery of the United States is out, the yen has fallen 98 yen level $ 1.


500 million units Toyota hybrid car sales

2013-04-17 17:27:00
Is the number of hybrid vehicles were sold in the world, Toyota Motor Corporation, today announced that it has more than 500 million units in more than 15 years from the sale started.


Rise consecutive month consumer psychology 3

2013-04-17 16:27:00
Last month that shows the movement of consumer sentiment "consumer confidence index", rises in three consecutive months from such expectations for improvement in corporate earnings due to higher stock prices and the depreciation of the yen, higher levels of the moon the first time in five years 10 became.


Big rise in stock prices weaker yen

2013-04-17 15:47:00
The Tokyo stock market of the 17th, from the fact that the depreciation of the yen has advanced further in the foreign exchange market and into the afternoon, order increases to buy a wide range of issues centering on export-related, stock price has risen significantly.


I fall below 155 yen a month the first time or gasoline price 2

2013-04-17 15:31:00
From the movement of the price reduction is spread between the dealer demand for gasoline is reduced, and then drops in 6 consecutive weeks, the retail price of the national average of regular gasoline fell below 155 yen a month the first time or two.


To be power saving also requested this summer government

2013-04-17 14:39:00
Since there is a possibility that the supply and demand is tight in western Japan if there is trouble a large-scale thermal power generation, the Commission of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, which validates the prospect of power supply and demand in the summer of this year, and corporate citizens and government whereas, it has put together a draft of the report that you ought to seek the commitment to continue to conserve power.


Cool Biz season to Osaka power saving

2013-04-17 12:45:00
Ahead to next month the rise in electricity costs for the home, the department store "Cool Biz" shopping season began in Osaka consciousness of power saving is increased.


Mail sending and receiving trouble again in KDDI

2013-04-17 12:22:00
State hard to send and receive e-mail from around 5:30 am in the 17th part of the smartphones and tablets of au by KDDI has continued. And the Apple iPhone, iPad, it out of the mail of the iPad mini, has become difficult to be sent and received is an email service of KDDI had their "ezweb". By sphere of influence that extends over the whole country, KDDI will not rush the recovery as well as investigate the cause.


The rise in stock prices export-related center

2013-04-17 12:06:00
From the fact that stock price has risen significantly in the New York stock market of the 16th, the Tokyo stock market of the 17th is, stock orders out sense of security to spread to the economic outlook of the United States, buy a wide range of issues centering on export-related I am the rose.


Impact of NY stock bombings or limited

2013-04-17 10:58:00
Amid economic impact of the explosion incident in Boston is a concern, the New York stock market of the 16th that has been noted, buy orders from such that the economic indicators of the housing-related in the United States, which was announced this day has exceeded market expectations The spread, the Dow Jones Industrial Average stock price has risen by $ 150 or more.


Study the "Abenomikusu Zone" founding

2013-04-17 06:09:00
In order to develop a "business friendly environment is the world's business", and founded the "Abenomikusu strategy special zone" in the center of Tokyo, Osaka, Aichi, industrial competitiveness meeting of government, preferential measures in addition to tax and deregulation , we have decided to proceed with the proposals examined experts legislators were considered such as the operation for 24 hours underground.


To the report, such as energy and environmental assessment period shortened

2013-04-17 04:10:00
And that it significantly reduce the review period of the environmental assessment required for new construction and expansion of geothermal power plants and wind power, towards the widespread use of "fuel cell vehicles", Subcommittee of regulatory reform conference of government supplies fuel I compiled an interim report that incorporates such as alleviating the installation criteria of hydrogen stand.


To participate in the discussion of Japan in TPP Ministerial Meeting

2013-04-17 01:47:00
Open the meeting of the ministerial in Indonesia also in the 19th, negotiations participating countries of TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, such as Australia and the United States are now expected to exchanging opinions on the negotiations, such as the participation of Japan.


The power supply and demand outlook clear this summer

2013-04-17 01:36:00
If the trouble large has occurred in the power plant, the Commission of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, which validates the prospect of power supply and demand in the summer, can the margin of power is reduced to about 2% in western Japan whole, supply and demand is tight It has to be determined and the implementation of power saving request to the government as there is sex.


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