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Economic news(2013/04/23)

Kyoto   Hakone

Met with Mr Aso OECD Secretary-General

2013-04-23 21:05:00
Met with glial Secretary-General of the OECD = Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, which visited Japan, as well as include committed to revival of the Japanese economy, Aso Deputy Prime Minister cum Minister of Finance, has shown the idea of ​​going to run steadily financial reconstruction were.


It rose 98 yen yen exchange rate

2013-04-23 20:26:00
Tokyo Foreign Exchange Market on the 23rd, from the movement to buy yen by selling the appreciated dollar to try to ensure the interests of the immediate came out, the yen has risen to the second half of 98 yen per dollar.


Reaction of the producer of squid fishing holiday Kyushu

2013-04-23 20:06:00
From what has been decided that the industry associations to make a squid fishing boats small, rest simultaneously nationwide squid fishing, in Nagasaki Prefecture boasts a catch of squid of the nation's leading, fishing vessels of 300 vessels about to rest fishing around the island I became that.


Management that can not be affected by exchange rate fluctuations

2013-04-23 19:33:00
Shigenobu Nagamori president electronic parts manufacturer, headquartered in Kyoto "Nidec" showed the idea of ​​aiming for management that is not affected by the change in the exchange.


To recovery in Joetsu thermal power plant before summer

2013-04-23 18:59:00
Trouble the generator of Joetsu thermal power plant in Niigata Prefecture has stopped operation on the 9th of this month, by attaching to emergency basis plate of steel instead of the blades of the steam turbine damaged, Chubu Electric Power, this year It is now that it is allowed to recover by the end of June, to prepare for the growing power demand in the summer.


Students get the job analysis the company

2013-04-23 18:38:00
While employment hope of students to focus on large companies, among students does not gather in small and medium-sized companies that are looking for talent "mismatch" is pointed out, through the class to analyze the data, such as company performance, and did not know much It also appear universities are working get interested in small and medium-sized enterprises was, and will concatenate employment.


Exhibition a business-friendly app

2013-04-23 18:01:00
For use in the business smartphones and tablet devices that become popular rapidly, exhibitions to introduce enterprise with such as the ability to prevent information leakage the "application" was held in Tokyo.


Price increases Nippon Steel Sumitomo Metals high raw material

2013-04-23 17:41:00
At a press conference on the 23rd, for suppliers, Kelly Hiroshi president of Nippon Steel Sumitomo Metals is, request a price increase of steel products from the fact that import prices of raw materials such as iron ore has risen against the background of the weak yen in Japan Iron and Steel Federation Chairman It has revealed the idea to.


Squid fishing boat fishing holiday Super also puzzled

2013-04-23 16:29:00
For to the provision of the day squid fishing boats nationwide rest all at once, in Super Hiroshima Prefecture with a focus on sales of seafood Sanin, voice of concern has come out.


No numerical targets this summer power saving

2013-04-23 14:37:00
The committee of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to verify the power supply and demand, available capacity minimum required nationwide is as such can be secured, the government, this summer it be that we should seek the power saving in the form of reasonable to homes and businesses I have compiled a report of the final. In response to this, the government is expected to be by the end of this month at the earliest, summarize the power-saving measures this summer in the form provided with no numerical targets.


The exhibitors from all over the country also product exhibition disaster area

2013-04-23 13:33:00
Product exhibition a collection of specialty products throughout the country was held in Shinjuku, Tokyo, venue specialty products around the country, such as areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake lined is crowded with a large number of shoppers.


Closed to fishing simultaneous nationwide in squid fishing weaker yen, high fuel

2013-04-23 12:09:00
Fuel prices are soaring due to the effect of the depreciation of the yen, as lose money even if the operation, two days of the 27th and the 26th of this month, industry associations to make a squid fishing fishing boat of small, decided to rest simultaneously nationwide fishing directly below.


3D printer trade show in NY

2013-04-23 11:20:00
Great deal of interest has been gathered to the trend of the latest technology which is said to trade fair of 3D printer that creates a three-dimensional object just like to print is held in New York, to bring a revolution in the manufacturing industry.


$ 1 = 99 yen level yen exchange rate

2013-04-23 10:07:00
In an attempt to ensure the interests of the immediate and on the verge of $ 1 = 100 yen, yen exchange rate rose from the movement to buy the yen by selling the appreciated dollar is out, the Tokyo foreign exchange market 23 day $ 1 = It is trading at 99 yen level.


In foreign bonds suppress operations such as government bonds Nippon Life

2013-04-23 04:24:00
Future, the yield on government bonds if we reduced by monetary easing large-scale by the Bank of Japan, have less operational by bonds of domestic government bonds, Nippon Life Insurance Company of life insurance's largest, in foreign bonds relatively high yields I decided to clear the policy to increase the operation.


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