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Economic news(2013/04/29)

Kyoto   Hakone

Hokkaido agriculture business in the Russian Far East

2013-04-29 20:32:00
Hokkaido Bank, announced in Amur Province in the Russian Far East, agriculture companies and local farmers in Hokkaido, to start a joint project to produce such as buckwheat and soybeans.


New employees oriented generalist

2013-04-29 17:14:00
The new employees this year, rather than experience a long period of time the post and work of one, tend to aim the generalists that have experienced a variety of post work and, overlooking the work of the company in general has become the strongest in the past 20 years that, I've found in examining the research institutions of the private sector.


Business financing new system discussed in net

2013-04-29 16:51:00
The Financial Services Agency (FSA), now that you consider making new system to be collected as a business funds from numerous investors through the Internet company founded not long.


Petrol station "sparsely populated areas" increase

2013-04-29 11:18:00
Of the municipalities across the country, the number of gas stations in three places below, municipalities are the gas station as "sparsely populated areas" amounted to 257 to fit, closed gas station is progressing further in the background in a decrease in demand that, I've found in a survey of the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy.


Successive foray into medical-related companies in Russia

2013-04-29 04:49:00
In the production and sales of such medicine in Russia demand for pharmaceuticals is increasing along with the economic growth, medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies in Japan has embarked in succession.


"Judged on the basis of interests situation in Japan"

2013-04-29 04:41:00
the top of the state-owned oil company of UAE = United Arab Emirates in the Middle East that Japan has to import crude oil of many depending on the interview of NHK, for update and acquisition of oil field interests aim is Japanese companies, and technology providers and investment from Japan we showed the idea is judged in the light of circumstances of.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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