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Economic news(2013/05/06)

Kyoto   Hakone

The increase in exports to Indonesia Agriculture Minister

2013-05-06 22:32:00
The 6th, and then met with Susuu~ono Agriculture Minister of Indonesia, we propose to make a place for exchange of opinions of public-private collaboration in both countries in order to increase the exports from Japan, Hayashi Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries working team of office level Indonesian side we showed at the idea that you want to consider.


Study the renovation funds for sale of Metropolitan air rights

2013-05-06 18:53:00
In the capital highway is required extensive modification, the government, we found that we sold to the private sector the right to be called the air right on the road, you are considering a renovation using its funds. Government, is the direction in which to incorporate the "large-boned policy" to put together next month, the expansion of infrastructure development projects using these private funds.


800 billion yen suppress thermal power generation fuel costs in the coal

2013-05-06 11:01:00
For fuel cost of thermal power factors of electricity price hike also has become, by reducing the LNG = liquefied natural gas, the minute, and proceed with the power generation by the cheaper coal-fired, the private sector being able to ¥ 800 billion per year, to keep estimates of the research agency was unity.


Coordination to the G7 economic stable growth focus

2013-05-06 06:04:00
This weekend, finance ministers and central bank governors of the countries G7 = advanced 7, held at the London suburb of England, among the developed countries to continue monetary easing that critical analysis is also out of the emerging markets side, the world economy Toward the stable growth of, what to come up with cooperative attitude, it will be noted.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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