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Economic news(2013/05/26)

Kyoto   Hakone

Information sharing events of Tokyo making attractive

2013-05-26 18:36:00
For those who want to open an event from now on, events you want to share know-how and how to attract customers and notice you use effectively SNS the (social networking service), for such configuration charming, open in Tokyo was him.


"Fiscal consolidation is important to rising interest rates," President Kuroda

2013-05-26 17:55:00
Kuroda President of the Bank of Japan to lecture in Tokyo, about the long-term interest rates, which tends to increase, there are positive aspects of the economy recently, but a bad impact on the financial institution if the financial concern is strengthened without improvement in economic conditions and as span, we showed the idea fiscal consolidation by the government is as important.


Three companies to raise auto insurance giant

2013-05-26 04:15:00
Three major non-life insurance is a policy that is as profitability has deteriorated payment of insurance increases with an increase in accidents caused by elderly drivers, to raise the auto insurance premiums from October this year.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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