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Economic news(2013/06/22)

Kyoto   Hakone

To 100 billion yen refund reconstruction budget

2013-06-22 18:01:00
A problem has been pointed out reconstruction budget of the Great East Japan Earthquake, and is also used in business in the disaster area other than through the Fund, such as local governments to manage, the government, approximately 100 billion yen that is not already in use results of the investigation so far It is a policy for, to seek the return for such local governments.


Agreed LNG production of ITOCHU Russia

2013-06-22 17:26:00
Amid demand for LNG = liquefied natural gas increases as fuel for thermal power generation, government-based gas company of Russia and "Gazprom", and Itochu of the leading trading company, to build a joint production of LNG plant in Vladivostok, near Russia, It was agreed to export to Japan and other countries.


UNIQLO first store in Indonesia

2013-06-22 17:06:00
The 22nd, open the store which is the floor space of the largest in Southeast Asia to Indonesia, a leading clothing chain that are actively promoting the overseas expansion "UNIQLO" The Economic Community of ASEAN = Association of Southeast Asian Nations, which is scheduled for 2015 It has to be an eye, and to accelerate the opening of the Asian market in the future.


The world's largest robot factory in China

2013-06-22 16:23:00
In China, where labor costs are soaring, the introduction of the industrial robot is progressing rapidly in the field of manufacturing, Yaskawa Electric industrial robot giant of Japan, the robot production plants of the world's largest in Jiangsu Province, China The construction, and began operations.


Is not out conclusion in the EU bank failures processing

2013-06-22 14:19:00
Open the finance ministers meeting, for rulemaking common in the processing of the case banks in the region have been bankrupt, EU = European Union talked for a long period of time, but the difference in the position of each country is not filled completely, and not lead to agreement did.


Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Thai major banks acquisition talks

2013-06-22 07:19:00
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, we found that for in Southeast Asia, where economic growth continues, to deploy a full-scale financial businesses such as financing, you are negotiating in the direction to acquire major banks in Thailand the "Bank of Ayudhya."


The inspection criteria in buying and selling of second-hand housing

2013-06-22 06:19:00
Amid the demand for second-hand housing prices are cheap is growing, from that there was no basis of unity to evaluate such pain condition of the building, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, until now the existing home towards ensuring consumer confidence It has established the guidelines that are listed and inspection method at the time of buying and selling.


Record high shareholding proportion of foreign investors

2013-06-22 04:21:00
Result of stock prices began an upward trend from November last year, investment in the stock from overseas increases, last year, one of the shares of listed companies in the country, the percentage of foreign investors held is now a record high .


Focus and consumer price index next week

2013-06-22 01:08:00
Trends (main plan) prices. Consumer price index of the country last month, May will be announced on the 28th. Preliminary value of the exponent of May of Tokyo, which is a leading indicator was turned upward to the moon the first time in four years or 2. It is the first time in a month or 1 year 1 index if the rise in the nation. (Main plan) ▽ 24 (Mon) Government Tax Commission first meeting ▽ 25 (Tue) Seibu Holdings shareholders 'meeting ▽ 26 (Wed.) 9 power companies shareholders' meeting ▽ 28 (Fri.) Consumer Price Index (May) Industrial production (May)


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