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Economic news(2013/07/01)

Kyoto   Hakone

Also rise in land prices "1 building buy" investment

2013-07-01 22:51:00
This is a listing of the suburbs amid inner-city land prices to rise, it is popular in part as a "first aim" now. Real estate sales company in Tokyo's Minato Ward, recommends a real estate investment called to purchase one whole building a condominium on the outskirts by receiving a loan from the bank as "one building buying".


To $ 1 = 99 yen late yen exchange rate

2013-07-01 18:20:00
Tokyo Foreign Exchange Market as of the beginning of the week, and that after Tankan of the Bank of Japan was expected in the market almost, share prices rose in the Shanghai market and Tokyo, the movement to sell the circle that had been bought in order to avoid the risk far out Te, the yen has fallen to $ 1 = 99 yen late.


Tankan capital investment 5.5% increase

2013-07-01 17:48:00
It is expected to and depends on the Bank of Japan Tankan has announced the 1st, capital investment of large companies of this year, an increase of 5.5% compared to the achievements of last year.


The Inspirational Amari Mr. TPP negotiators

2013-07-01 17:13:00
This month, been expanded to structure the government headquarters is more than 100 people from one day towards the negotiation meeting of TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement to be held in Malaysia, Amari economic recovery minister to the negotiators that the newly appointed, We Inspirational so that it has a point of view that contribute to the national interest, and to lead the negotiations.


Starting point wood use application

2013-07-01 16:46:00
In order to promote wood use of domestic, application can exchange the goods of 300,000 yen at maximum if, for example, they built a house using the wood of these "wood utilization point" has started from the 1st.


Rise of 175 yen extra Nikkei Stock Average

2013-07-01 16:00:00
Tokyo stock market the day of the week opening, buy a wide range of issues centering on export-related by receiving and that the Tankan the Bank of Japan, economic conditions in the manufacturing sector of large companies has been greatly improved, and that the yen exchange rate fell order increases, the stock price has risen.


To effective speed benchmarks for the smartphone

2013-07-01 14:45:00
The Shindo the Minister have visited the Maldives, the 1st, told reporters the bank, for the display of the data communication speed of smartphone, complain that there is a gap in actual and maximum speed that mobile phone companies have shown is one after another from it, I decided to clear the idea to develop the criteria for effective speed objective even during the current fiscal year.


Nikko Narita Helsinki lines in service

2013-07-01 13:21:00
By regular flights of Japan Airlines connecting the Helsinki Narita Metropolitan Nordic flying the 1st, flight time from Japan is relatively short, and also easy to transit to the major cities of Europe, increased use of business tourists and is expected have.


Nikkei drops

2013-07-01 12:26:00
The Tokyo stock market the day of the beginning of the week, last weekend, sell order to ensure the interests of the time being around a brand that has a great rise in comes out, the Nikkei Stock Average has fallen.


The fifth consecutive year decline urban land assessments may rise

2013-07-01 11:33:00
Serves as a reference for the calculation of such inheritance tax "line value" is published on the 1st and became a decline of five consecutive years in the country, but the trend of the rise is also seen in the urban areas.


New "Mizuho Bank" business start

2013-07-01 10:47:00
Two banks under the umbrella of the financial giant "Mizuho Financial Group" was merged new "Mizuho Bank" was started the business from the 1st.


In manufacturing plus Tankan large companies

2013-07-01 09:09:00
When depends on the Tankan = Short-term Economic Survey of Enterprises Bank of Japan announced the 1st, from the fact that the depreciation of the yen trend continues, performance is recovering mainly export-related companies, economic conditions in the manufacturing sector of large enterprises, greatly improved And then, with 4 points plus, since the investigation in September two years ago, it became positive in seven quarters.


Matsuzakaya Ginza shop curtain in the history of '88 closed

2013-07-01 06:59:00
For rebuilding due to aging, the 30th, then closed, the oldest department store "Matsuzakaya Ginza store" was closed the curtain in the history of '88 in Tokyo Ginza which had continued operating from the Taisho era.


"Summer of power-saving" for the third time begins

2013-07-01 05:12:00
"Summer of power-saving" you are calling for power saving of those that do not set a numerical target for businesses and households across the country with the exception of Okinawa from the 1st, it is third from the Great East Japan Earthquake will start the government.


The price increase after another from a familiar grocery Today

2013-07-01 04:15:00
From the fact that the effects of unseasonable weather of the locality and the depreciation of the yen, the price of raw materials are soaring, the price of groceries everyday life will be price increases in succession from the first day.


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