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Economic news(2013/07/05)

Kyoto   Hakone

To wheat imports from alternative such as Australian

2013-07-05 22:56:00
A problem that in Oregon the western United States, was found genetically modified wheat unauthorized, until able to resume imports from Oregon, government has decided to import from, such as Australia, the wheat to replace.


$ 1 = 101 yen NY market temporarily

2013-07-05 21:55:00
In New York foreign exchange market of the 5th, from the fact that growth in the number of workers exceeds the expectations of the market in the employment statistics of the last month of the United States, expected to be increased to the economic recovery of the United States, to sell yen to buy dollars to the announcement immediately after movement came out. Yen exchange rate has fallen to $ 1 = 101 yen which is the first time in a month or approximately one for this.


80% raised prices after one year

2013-07-05 21:35:00
a questionnaire survey on life conscious that the Bank of Japan has done every three months, the percentage of people who answered prices go up after one year exceeds 80%, it is now high level of approximately 5 years.


Criticized as "hurry why" Niigata Governor

2013-07-05 18:57:00
The 5th, Hirose, president of Tokyo Electric Power sought understanding in policy is to visit Niigata Prefecture where the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power plant, to apply for a safety review in the country as soon as possible towards the resumption of operation of the nuclear power plant. Izumita governor of Niigata Prefecture, showed the idea that only after criticizing the attitude of TEPCO rush to resume operation, to apply for a safety review before the local pre-understanding is not accepted for this.


Panasonic Europe solar cell plant closure

2013-07-05 16:53:00
From the market of solar cells is shrinking in Europe, the major electronics manufacturers "Panasonic", has decided to shut down in March next year, a solar cell factory in Hungary.


The high likelihood entered the Cabinet Office economic expansion phase

2013-07-05 16:30:00
From it, such as the sale of high-ticket items was a strong, index that indicates the present state of the economy is rising at 6 consecutive months, diffusion index of May this year, while the tentatively overall assessment of the economy Cabinet Office , I have revised upward "possibility that the economy has entered the expansion phase is already high" as.


Management system enhanced with LIBOR problem

2013-07-05 16:09:00
The "National Bankers Association", in order to prevent in response to the problem of an indicator of short-term interest rates international called "LIBOR" has been rigged by the Bank of England, fraud similar to occur in Japan, external audit it was decided to strengthen the management system, etc. to introduce.


¥ 291 extra appreciation Nikkei average

2013-07-05 15:58:00
The Tokyo stock market of the 5th, the order goes out to buy a wide range of issues, such as that from the depreciation of the yen has advanced in the foreign exchange market, stock price has risen significantly.


I seek to understand the application of TEPCO president safety review

2013-07-05 12:16:00
Morning the 5th, Hirose, president of TEPCO understanding the policy is to visit the Kariwa village and Kashiwazaki, Niigata Prefecture where the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power plant, towards the resumption of operation of the nuclear power plant, and to apply for a safety review in the country as soon as possible asked. On the contrary, Aida mayor of Kashiwazaki City, was said, "was announced the policy of the application without the necessary procedures's regrettable," he said.


Stock prices rise proceed weaker yen

2013-07-05 12:08:00
The Tokyo stock market of the 5th, the order goes out to buy the stocks of many from such that the depreciation of the yen has advanced in the foreign exchange market, the stock price has risen.


Increased significantly in Europe stock prices continued low interest rates

2013-07-05 05:52:00
Order spread to buy from and that it showed the idea of ​​Draghi President of the European Central Bank to continue the time being the low interest rate policy of now, European stock markets four days, rising significantly stock prices in various places such as Madrid market and the London market were.


Idea of ​​the European Central Bank Governors low interest rates the time being continue

2013-07-05 05:34:00
At a press conference after the Council to determine the monetary policy of the single currency, euro, shows for the first time the idea of ​​the time being, to continue the low-interest rate policy now, in order to stabilize the financial markets, Draghi President of the European Central Bank, sluggish accept and those showed a strong determination to prop up the European economy that is spreading.


To drilling investigation of the first geothermal power after deregulation

2013-07-05 05:10:00
Amid eyes will be on power generation by after renewable energy of the nuclear accident, for the first time, drilling research for the development in the National Park of Akita Prefecture, also in late this month Country Tour of geothermal power generation is to relax the regulations, such as National Monument It was decided to begin.


Trouble consult increase in the use of cheap

2013-07-05 04:34:00
Tour of the use of low-cost airlines, consultation of trouble on such reservations on the Internet as is increasing, NCAC has warned.


Niigata Governor and TEPCO president to meet

2013-07-05 04:11:00
The 5th, visitation of Izumita governor of Niigata Prefecture and Hirose, president of TEPCO decided towards the resumption of operation of the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power plant, to apply for a safety review in the country is done. For facilities construction work is being carried out as a countermeasure to a serious accident, you are offered in order to obtain the consent of local communities before the application to the country, Izumita governor is attention correspondence of TEPCO.


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