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Economic news(2013/07/13)

Kyoto   Hakone

To claim description of Japan in TPP negotiations meeting

2013-07-13 11:41:00
Of negotiations of TPP = Pacific partnership agreement is opened from the 15th of this month, Japan to participate in the negotiations for the first time, of the negotiations the entire attended such Subcommittee to discuss the making rules of patent or copyright, as well as explain the claims of Japan We decided to rush to grasp.


One-step reduction Buddha government bond rating

2013-07-13 11:11:00
The 12th, efforts of fiscal consolidation as such is behind the economic outlook becomes opaque in France Fitch Ratings of the major rating agencies, I was a one-notch downgrade of the top-level from "AAA" rating of the French government bonds.


Spread funding means the bets market - Li

2013-07-13 05:09:00
It is a means of financing as an investment target a wide range of real estate in the "REIT" so-called real estate investment trust to raise funds from investors, to invest in real estate in the "REIT" market, investment corporation of the company that operates the hot spring inn, such as listing movement is spreading.


TSE and OSE focus of next week integration

2013-07-13 00:30:00
The number of companies listed, market the world's third largest is born. In an attempt to Hakaro activation of the stock market, stock market of the Osaka Securities Exchange and the Tokyo Stock Exchange will be integrated. In Japan Exchange Group, to put under the umbrella of both exchanges, we have in addition to cost savings through consolidation, by such as management efficiency, and want to make a good market for usability for listed companies and investors. Either be a market more attractive to towards the stability and rising share prices also said the thermometer of the economy, Yobikomeru investment money, it will be noted.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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