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Economic news(2013/08/04)

Kyoto   Hakone

The movement of the Asian operations to strengthen the credit card company

2013-08-04 17:39:00
In between the major credit companies, and embark on the business of the installments of such appliances in Myanmar economic reform proceeds in accordance with the pro-democracy movement to strengthen its business in Asia, economic growth is expected is accelerating.


Japanese car sales seesawing in China

2013-08-04 11:35:00
Honda and Toyota below the same month of last year either, and sales temporary, has been a plus compared to last year, the number of new cars of Japanese cars were sold last month in China, the situation of the seesaw that turns to negative again making it the.


To debate upward or modify the Bank of Japan economic decision

2013-08-04 04:09:00
In Monetary Policy Meeting to open from the 7th of this month, as well as decide the continuation of monetary easing measures now in order to realize a price target of 2%, in light of the trends in overseas economies and the improvement in the employment situation, the Bank of Japan economic decision It is expected dodge discussed whether to upwardly revised further.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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