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Economic news(2013/09/03)

Kyoto   Hakone

The sell a monorail in India

2013-09-03 23:07:00
In India the development plan of the railway infrastructure of the metropolis proceeds, seminars to market and monorail in Japan is opened, the person in charge of Japanese companies have appealed the high level of technology and safety.


Council foreign guests shopping promotion

2013-09-03 18:48:00
Foreigners to visit Japan, and I'll have to shop more than ever, industry and department stores travel company, concerned to establish a council, and enhance customer service and how foreign language notation, working in conjunction it was decided to go with.


Strict assessment from gas bills next year

2013-09-03 18:03:00
For gas bills such as a home for, if you want to authorize the price increase, and together such that it is not recognized as a cost, such as donations and advertising costs, a report that incorporates stricter assessment policy, experts meeting of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry next year It was a prospect that this new policy will be applied from.


400 yen more than the closing stock price rise

2013-09-03 16:50:00
Tokyo stock market three days, becomes the deployment of full high nearly wide range of stocks are bought around the expected export-related improvement in performance from the yen's depreciation trend has continued in the foreign exchange market, the Nikkei Stock Average 400 yen or more, I've gone up.


Discussion in the agricultural sector "land bank"

2013-09-03 16:19:00
The 3rd, and aggregate agricultural land by opening the first time a subcommittee to discuss the field of agriculture, to facilitate the lending and borrowing of farmland, aim to large-scale agricultural, industrial competitiveness meeting of the government for the "land bank" so-called, lively discussion was held.


300 yen more than stock prices rise

2013-09-03 14:00:00
From the fact that a weaker yen trend has continued in the foreign exchange market, expectations for performance improvement is growing around the stocks of export-related, the Tokyo stock market for three days, becomes the deployment of full high almost, the Nikkei Stock Average 300 yen or more, I am risen.


MS is to mobile business acquisition of Nokia

2013-09-03 13:49:00
The 2nd, IT company Microsoft in the United States, announced that it will purchase the mobile handset business of communications equipment giant Nokia of Finland. The total acquisition price, including the license fee for use of the patent, will be 710 billion yen more than 5.4 billion 40 million euros, Japanese yen.


Updated consecutive months funding of 6

2013-09-03 11:08:00
by monetary easing massive Bank of Japan has implemented, indicating the amount of money that has been supplied to the market "monetary base", it becomes 176 trillion yen over of the end of last month, was a record high consecutive month 6.


Sold 12 trillion yen Vodafone mobile phone company

2013-09-03 07:40:00
Leading telecommunications company in the UK "Vodafone", the Verizon side at approximately 12 trillion 870 billion yen to the Japanese Yen all shares that are held for the mobile phone company in the United States, which operates a joint venture communication major in the United States as "Verizon Communications" it was announced that it will sell.


Lows of the month or the first time in one circle against the dollar

2013-09-03 05:37:00
Movement to repurchase dollar strengthened from that perspective military action against Syria would be implemented at an early stage in the foreign exchange market of the 2nd is retracted, yen exchange rate to the level of the month the first time or approximately 1 and $ 1 = 99 yen level were drops.


Spate forecast of GDP upward revision

2013-09-03 04:47:00
For revised value of GDP · gross domestic product from April to June this year, which is attracting attention as one of the decisions of whether or not raise the consumption tax rate, will be announced on the 9th of this month, such as the research firm of private 3 at an annual rate % view it has been predicted to be positive 4% range from, of being revised upward than the preliminary estimate, which was announced last month has one after another.


The reconstruction request for assistance gust victims to financial institutions

2013-09-03 00:21:00
Bank of Japan and the Kanto Local Finance Bureau is the correspondence, such as responding to a refund of the deposit identification is if possible even if there is no seal or passbook for the victims of the Matsubushi cho, Saitama Prefecture and Koshigaya City Disaster Relief Act has been applied in the damage caused by wind gusts It was requested that the financial institutions to take.


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