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Economic news(2013/09/06)

Kyoto   Hakone

Agreed G20 tax avoidance measures

2013-09-06 22:42:00
In the G20 Summit in St. Petersburg, Russia, in order to prevent tax avoidance of companies that do business worldwide, national leaders, regulatory approach to reduce the tax payments by transferring profits to countries with low tax rates By proceeding such as the development of guidelines for, comprehensive measures, we agreed.


Announces G20 summit declaration

2013-09-06 21:56:00
Having completed the discussion of two days earlier, G20 Summit that was held in St. Petersburg, Russia has announced a summit declaration. First, while the private demand is strengthened the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom about the world economy, signs of recovery is also seen in the euro area, "growth is continuing but its speed is slowed in emerging countries some declaration wording be wary of the economic slowdown and as "there has been incorporated. And I have been "in the weak financial markets, but the recovery is growing this change a few months as a whole," he said. Based on the current situation where economic slowdown could serious further funds flows out in emerging countries such as Brazil and India from the perspective that basis monetary easing in the United States that is reduced, inflation and advance currency is falling, it is located in the "monetary policy I've confirmed that the deal with the increasing so that monetary policy does not cause excessive fluctuations in the market is adjusted carefully for future changes of the person, a clear explanation as "be made.


Agreed expansion of foreign currency flexibility and India

2013-09-06 21:27:00
Aso Deputy Prime Minister cum Minister of Finance has visited Russia, foreign currency funds in order to receive that met with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, currency rupee has fallen funding is pulled from the financial markets, to reduce the confusion in the market It was agreed to expand significantly the framework for the flexibility.


Position information vending service of DoCoMo mobile

2013-09-06 19:15:00
Will have to start from the next month a service to sell to companies and local governments, and the location information of the mobile phone is one of the so-called "big data", and a new economic activities, NTT DoCoMo, take advantage of to such disaster But you have to be able to expect.


Rise somewhat yen exchange rate

2013-09-06 18:40:00
Tokyo Foreign Exchange Market on the 6th, and in an attempt to secure profits for the time being before the announcement of the employment statistics that affect the monetary policy of the United States, the movement to buy yen by selling the dollar is out, the yen has risen somewhat .


Two companies DoCoMo stock rise rival fell

2013-09-06 18:23:00
By it was quoted as firm a policy of NTT DoCoMo embark on sales of "iPhone", the Tokyo stock market of the 6th, the order is gathered to buy the stock of NTT DoCoMo from expectations for improved performance, stock prices, temporary was up 3.8% from the 5th. Order also came out to sell afterwards, but, amid the Nikkei Stock Average to fall, also at the closing, it became rise of 0.6% from the 5th. On the other hand, the order is noticeable from the perspective sell the stock of two companies rival the preceding sales of the iPhone, the future, the competition would be fierce, 3.4% Softbank, 2.8% is KDDI, temporary, the 5th each I fell more. Also at the closing price, 2.1% Softbank, KDDI is now drops of 0.2%.


New inspection policy publication of the Financial Services Agency Bank

2013-09-06 17:11:00
The Financial Services Agency (FSA) is expected to grow by leaving a certain degree, to the bank side of the judgment of the soundness of the borrower can be changed its attitude until now you have published a policy of a new test for banks, has been giving priority to disposal of bad loans it was decided to encourage lending to companies that are.


"I show an improvement" in July economic decision

2013-09-06 16:30:00
The diffusion index of July this year, and from that the production of the parts of the turbine and automobile grew, index indicating the current state of the economy rose to the moon the first time or two, the Cabinet Office shows the "improve the overall assessment was revised upward to be "are.


200 yen surplus stock price drops

2013-09-06 16:20:00
The Tokyo stock market of the 6th, and ahead of such announcement of employment statistics of the United States, in an attempt to secure profits for the time being, the order is out selling the stocks that had risen, the Nikkei Stock Average has fallen 200 yen over.


International Conference on the eel recovery of depleted

2013-09-06 12:40:00
Order to recover the eel are depleted, dodge opinion on such realities and regulatory catch, the first meeting with officials of the countries and regions of five China and Japan, and South Korea will have been held in Fukuoka.


Am closing stock price drops

2013-09-06 12:08:00
The Tokyo stock market of the 6th, when trying to secure profits for the time being, the order goes out to sell stocks that had risen, the stock has fallen.


Described in the "medium-term financial planning" G20

2013-09-06 07:07:00
The 5th, G20 Summit by emerging and developing countries kicked off in Russia. In discussions of the first day, Prime Minister Abe has expressed a policy that aims to achieve both fiscal consolidation and economic growth as well as explaining the Cabinet consent before the "medium-term financial planning."


High level for the first time in two years the United States long-term interest rates

2013-09-06 06:42:00
Of 10-year American government bonds are sold from that it has intensified and has views in New York bond market of the 5th, near, quantitative easing in the United States that do not be reduced, has become a typical index of long-term interest rates Yields on government bonds rose to the level of the month the first time in 2 years and 1.


100 yen NY FX $ 1

2013-09-06 05:09:00
Movement to buy a dollar spread from the fact that expectations of economic recovery in the United States has increased, the yen exchange rate, and with a $ 1 = 100 yen level, the New York foreign exchange market of five days, the level of the month and a half the first time or approximately 1 I have drops to.


DoCoMo to sell iPhone

2013-09-06 04:34:00
Japan's largest mobile phone, NTT DoCoMo, has solidified a policy embark for the first time to sell IT companies in the United States, smart phone of Apple "iPhone". Handset manufacturers in the country will be exposed to more severe competition.


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