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Economic news(2013/09/07)

Kyoto   Hakone

Expected "Tourism Nation" tailwind if decided Olympics

2013-09-07 21:55:00
The government aims increase the foreign tourists visiting Japan as to contribute to economic growth, "tourism nation", I hope to become a strong tailwind held in Tokyo and Paralympic Olympic Games of 2020 are determined .


First Public airframe domestic airliner "MRJ"

2013-09-07 19:42:00
The 7th, aircraft during assembly of domestic passenger aircraft to be approximately 50 years of the "MRJ" has been published for the first time to the press at the factory in Aichi Prefecture.


PR sake brewery in Taiwan from Fukushima

2013-09-07 18:19:00
Events in Taiwan has become a major export destination for Japanese sake, asked to tasting the sake of breweries throughout Japan, such as Fukushima, you are just Hakaro exports enlarge appeal and safety taste of sake was held .


Month the first time in high-level or 2 years 4 NY crude oil

2013-09-07 10:51:00
In New York crude oil market of the 6th, order increases to buy the futures of crude oil from that tension international over the Syrian situation has increased, futures price of crude oil, trade with rise to the level of the month the first time or approximately 2 years 4 I was finished.


The attention to the furniture city Japan works of world

2013-09-07 08:19:00
And furniture that the 6th, trade fair of furniture and miscellaneous goods of the world's largest begins in France, incorporating the technology of Japanese traditional crafts have attracted attention.


Attention in the United States the amount of relaxation reduced concern in emerging economies

2013-09-07 07:56:00
Concerns emerging side to that reduction of monetary policy of the United States is a negative impact, such as currency depreciation was accentuated in the summit of the G20 plus emerging to developed countries. At a meeting to determine the monetary policy FRB = Federal Reserve Board, which corresponds to the central bank of the United States Based on these voices is scheduled for the middle of this month, it will be noticed or to what kind of decision about reduction of quantitative easing now.


Evaluation and expected to Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso Japan

2013-09-07 05:32:00
It said, "from the leaders of each country, high reputation and strong expectations were received with respect to fiscal policy and the Japanese economy," said the press conference after G20 summit was closing, Aso Deputy Prime Minister cum Minister of Finance has highlighted the achievements.


Cautious economic impact of IMF Managing military action

2013-09-07 02:04:00
Depending on the interview of NHK, military action to Syria indicates the sense of caution that have a negative impact, such as rising oil prices on the world economy, Lagarde Managing Director of the IMF = International Monetary Fund who attended the G20 Summit, the situation we showed the idea that you take a look carefully.


Focus GDP revised value of next week

2013-09-07 00:32:00
The 9th of this month, revised value of GDP · gross domestic product from April to June this year will be announced. And from that capital investment was negative in preliminary stage turn positive, and research firm in the private sector, has been predicted to be revised upward. The revised value of the GDP of the time, it only cites as one of the materials to determine Abe Prime Minister whether raise as planned consumption tax rate, the result is attention. (Main plan). ▽ 9 (Mon) June quarter GDP revised value economy watcher survey (August), ▽ 11 (Wed.) corporations economic forecasting survey (July-September), ▽ 12 (Thu) machinery orders ( July), ▽ 13 (Fri) United States retail sales (August).


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