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Economic news(2013/09/21)

Kyoto   Hakone

Tankan private view of "improvement modest"

2013-09-21 17:07:00
To improve in three consecutive quarters economic judgment of manufacturing of large companies, others believe that the width of the point to improve that remain marginally has become many in the forecast of private for Tankan the Bank of Japan, which will be announced on the 1st of next month.


Japan and the United States in the TPP negotiations tariff elimination

2013-09-21 12:33:00
The 20th, in Washington, Japan has been negotiated between the two countries on the elimination of tariffs and the United States by around the TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. It becomes the focus towards the goal of TPP negotiations conclusion of the year, you and I can maintain a tariff of five items of agricultural products such as wheat and rice.


To 40% reduction Blackberry employee

2013-09-21 06:49:00
The 20th, handset manufacturers in Canada have fallen into financial difficulties "Blackberry" has announced plans to cut 4,500, which corresponds to approximately 40% of all employees in order to achieve the rationalization of management.


In NY stock price significantly weaker relaxation reduced vigilance

2013-09-21 06:35:00
Order is out selling a wide range of stocks from that it has strengthened the view FRB = Federal Reserve Board that or not than to reduce the quantitative easing now also next month, the New York stock market of the 20th, the Dow Jones Industrial Average stock became significant drops of $ 180 or more.


Adjust the leading convenience store prices are also shown

2013-09-21 06:07:00
three major convenience store, we are the final adjustment by also shown both the total amount, including tax and base price of the product for the price display of goods when the consumption tax rate was raised.


Tombstone purchase price is rising for the first time in five years

2013-09-21 05:10:00
We analyzed shows that the purchase price of the average of the person who purchased a headstone in the spring of this year, rose for the first time in five years, the organization that was investigated, the influence of the pick-up in consumption and has also appeared on tombstones.


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