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Economic news(2013/09/28)

Kyoto   Hakone

In order to take advantage of the open data

2013-09-28 19:43:00
Movies Wanted government in combination to the public by everyone freely available data such as a company is required to hold "open data", to devise ideas and apps to help you, such as solving social problems "LODChallennge2013" is begin in front, the 28th, the anniversary symposium was held.


¥ 22.3 billion economic effect if Rakuten Japan

2013-09-28 18:52:00
If Rakuten who won for the first time in the Pacific League has become Japan, Economic Effect in Miyagi prefecture, a bank that is head office in Sendai City has put together, the estimates that will be 22.3 billion yen over.


Power supply and demand surplus of winter prospect of securing

2013-09-28 17:22:00
Power supply and demand outlook for this winter is expected to 6.9% is excess supply capacity in the tube of the "Hokkaido Electric Power", "Kansai Electric Power" and the 3%, to ensure the surplus, which is the minimum required to provide stable supply But, the government has for tube of Hokkaido, that it is necessary to consider whether or not to perform power saving request with numerical targets in preparation for trouble among these.


Rate hike policy of TPP tariff elimination items

2013-09-28 16:12:00
In the negotiations of TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, the government policy in the light that has been demanded the liberalization of one stage from each country, for such as Singapore, to raise up to late 80 percent of the total percentage of items to eliminate tariffs I was cemented.


Affiliated with the securities company of Daiwa Securities Indonesia

2013-09-28 12:11:00
In order to strengthen our business to help Japanese companies seeking the acquisition of Asian companies and securities leading "Daiwa Securities Group" has reached a basic agreement to be affiliated with the securities company of government of Indonesia.


In the past the best Lawson interim financial operating income

2013-09-28 06:14:00
The interim results up to August this year a major convenience store chain "Lawson", from as a result of the strengthening and side dishes and vegetables, a lineup close to the super, 355 billion yen, operating income that indicates the profit of the core business is the highest ever be recorded is now clear.


To public retail market in Tokyo business zero

2013-09-28 05:45:00
It is to be expected that market that the retail market, Tokyo, Bunkyo-ku, has been installed will be abolished is determined, continue to operate in the retail market of the public made in various places with the purpose of providing life goods Showa from Taisho is no longer in Tokyo directly below.


To undertake a review of the business plan TEPCO

2013-09-28 04:54:00
The 27th, TEPCO will undertake a review of the business plan assumptions operation resume as well-equipped in that it has filed an application with the country a safety review of the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power plant, but the timing of the resumption of operation if Okurere, electricity prices you will want to consider re-raise.


To focus consumption tax increase announced next week

2013-09-28 00:30:00
One day. It is the outlook express formally that the increase in the consumption tax rate, Prime Minister Abe, raised to 8% law as expected, from April next year. On this day, in terms of Tankan = Short-term Economic Survey of Enterprises of the Bank of Japan that summarizes the economic judgment of the company was announced, it was also confirmed these economic indicators, Prime Minister Abe is, reveals the reason to decided the consumption tax hike is expected. In addition, plans to economic measures in order to prevent buckling of the economy by tax hike, are studying the government and the ruling party is also announced that together, within this, the handling of corporate tax cuts will be the focus. (Main plan). ▽ 1 (Tue) Tankan, the ratio of job offers (in August), "CEATEC" opening, interim results announcement of a major distribution ▽ 3 日 (such as wood) Seven & I HD is full-scale, the Bank of Japan, Monetary Policy Meeting ( to 4 days), ▽ 4 (Fri) United States and Employment Statistics (September)


Price freeze also consider Nitori consumption tax increase after

2013-09-28 00:17:00
Even if the consumption tax rate was raised in April next year, to carry out the manufacture and sale of household goods and furniture, "Nitori" was it clear that you are considering in the direction of deferring current price.


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