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Economic news(2013/10/03)

Kyoto   Hakone

Operating loss for the second consecutive year Daiei

2013-10-03 21:10:00
Sales declined amid competition from drugstores and convenience stores intensified, interim results up to August this year is promoting a turnaround under the umbrella of a major distribution "ion" and "Daiei" is, as interim results I became a deficit of 2 consecutive years.


Uny Group operating profit forecast revised downward

2013-10-03 20:47:00
From such that investment in store remodeling is Kasami, products low price has increased, to operate the convenience stores Circle K Sunkus "Uny Group Holdings" was downgraded its outlook for operating profit of the year ended February next year .


97 yen stand late fall yen exchange rate

2013-10-03 18:38:00
Tokyo Foreign Exchange Market on the 3rd, from concerns about the financial problems of the United States, the movement to buy back the dollar, which has been drops come out, the yen has fallen to the late $ 1 = 97 yen level.


SME business meetings to aim expand transactions

2013-10-03 18:18:00
introduces the high technology SMEs with, business meetings aimed at expansion of the transaction have been held in Tokyo, Ota.


The share price drops slightly

2013-10-03 16:29:00
The Tokyo stock market three days, the order is followed by selling from concerns about the financial problems of the United States, stock prices had fallen to slightly.


The foreign matter in Kewpie subsidiary salad

2013-10-03 15:50:00
Suspicion that metal piece is mixed in salads subsidiaries leading food manufacturer of "Kewpie" was produced to understand, in the company, it was decided to recover the approximately 480,000 pieces together of the three products of interest. It is sold at Family Mart across the country, expiration date has become the 14th next month from the 2nd, FamilyMart collection "burdock salad", Family Mart collection and depends on the QP, has become the subject of recovery, such as "pumpkin salad" , it is a product of three.


Price movements modest stock am closing price

2013-10-03 13:21:00
The Tokyo stock market three days, while the order is out selling from concerns about the financial problems of the United States, the movement to buy back stocks were also drops out, stock prices has become a modest price movements.


Also progress in the TPP fisheries subsidies

2013-10-03 12:27:00
Prohibition of fisheries subsidies that are being discussed in the negotiations of TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, and said, "I think that it becomes forward considerable", Amari economic recovery ministers have visited Indonesia for TPP Ministers meeting, prohibited I showed the view that the discussion is progressing in the direction Filter subsidies that are subject to.


Gang problem loan consumer credit companies measures

2013-10-03 09:19:00
In partnership loan through the credit company, a problem that has been financed gang colleagues, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, which oversees the consumer credit industry, and increase the accuracy of the examination to the consumer credit companies, Mizuho Bank, loans to anti-social forces I was asked to strengthen measures to prevent.


First owned Sumitomo Iraq after the war

2013-10-03 07:23:00
Sumitomo Corporation of the leading trading company, now that after the Iraq war of 2003, and to resume investment in Iraq for the first time in Japanese companies, embark on the expansion of sales of Japanese cars and car sales company in local.


The number portability also PHS

2013-10-03 06:57:00
You can change the company that contracts without changing the number of the mobile phone in the "number portability", also for the PHS was not subject to this, from October next year, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, change each other company as is the number It is now to be able to.


"The new business cooperation with Japan" Spanish prime minister

2013-10-03 06:25:00
It showed the idea Rahoi prime minister of Spain, which visited Japan is an interview of NHK, economic growth is the expected Latin America Spanish companies to advance a number, and that want to promote a new business in cooperation with Japanese companies were.


97 yen level NY market $ 1

2013-10-03 06:04:00
From concerns about the financial problems of the United States, the movement to buy the yen by selling the dollar is strengthened, and rise up to $ 1 = 97 yen level, the New York foreign exchange market in two days, yen exchange rate, the moon the first time or approximately 1 I have put the yen against the dollar level.


The change Mizuho Compliance Officer

2013-10-03 02:00:00
The "Mizuho Bank", a problem that more than two years, did not eliminate the loans to gangsters and colleagues, there is a possibility that officers in charge of compliance had been involved, that you leave the investigation of the future is not appropriate it was found that it is determined that, you had are replaced, removed from the charge of compliance with this officer.


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