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Economic news(2013/10/12)

Kyoto   Hakone

Spread cooperation loan countermeasures study

2013-10-12 15:42:00
In response to the problem of Mizuho Bank had loans to gangsters colleagues in partnership loan through the credit company, among financial institutions engaged in the financing, such as the same, is a movement to consider measures such as strengthening the review of pre- has spread.


To the industrial park construction in Myanmar

2013-10-12 10:57:00
In Myanmar that economic development is expected along with the democratization, JICA = Japan International Cooperation Agency and the three major trading company policy is to establish a new company in partnership with such local companies at the end of this month, and embark on the construction of large industrial complex I was cemented.


Matsuyama - Taipei Songshan between charter flights operated

2013-10-12 09:59:00
Charter flights for the first time connecting the Songshan Airport in Ehime Prefecture to write kanji that same "Matsuyama" of Taiwan "Taipei Songshan Airport" is operated by the 11th, at the airport in Taiwan, ceremony to welcome the delegation from the Ehime Prefecture is opened directly below.


$ 100 or more appreciation NY Dow

2013-10-12 07:58:00
From the New York stock market of the 11th, has been growing expectations of whether not there is progress in talks between the ruling and opposition parties over the finances of the United States, a buy order is gathered, the Dow Jones Industrial Average stock price has risen by $ 100 or more.


The situation seek resolution promptly G20 Presidency rice

2013-10-12 07:03:00
Shiruanofu finance ministers of the Presidency Russia of G20 = finance ministers and central bank governors meeting and conference after the meeting, all countries that are involved the United States if plunged in delinquencies as a hit, resolve the situation as soon as possible for the United States I was asked to.


To export to Japan shale gas cooperation with Canada

2013-10-12 06:10:00
Mogi Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry has decided to put together a statement and natural resources phase of Canada, and tackle the export of Japan in cooperation with the two countries for the export of shale gas development is a series in Canada.


Sales of Japanese cars is a recovery trend in China

2013-10-12 04:37:00
New cars were sold last month in China with 1.93 million units over, an increase of 19% over, and strong growth mainly Japanese manufacturers compared to September last year that sales of Japanese cars fell under the influence of the anti-Japanese demonstrations, Japan I can ask the recovery trend of car sales.


"Rice urgent action by financial problems" G20 statement

2013-10-12 03:46:00
Finance ministers and central bank governors of the countries 20 G20 = major, which has been held in Washington has closed its doors to announce a joint statement. For financial problems of the United States that were the focus of the maximum, the wording "need to take urgent action to deal with the uncertainty of finances there is the United States" and is incorporated, shape and urge an immediate resolution to the statement has become.


Focus ITS World Congress next week

2013-10-12 03:08:00
The 14th, to introduce the latest IT technology to solve the various problems such as traffic accidents and congestion "ITS World Congress" will start in Tokyo. In this year's conference to be held in Japan, the first time in nine years, approximately 10,000 people, including researchers and the person in charge of transport policy of countries around the world 60 are in attendance, and ways to use of IT technology used in such as signal and car I exchanged opinion on such. In addition, we are developing the automobile manufacturers, such as the car of automatic operation that made full use of the latest IT technology are introduced.


Also what the United States seek to solve financial problems G20 statement

2013-10-12 01:15:00
The early morning of the 12th (Japan time), finance ministers and central bank governors of the country, and closing issued a joint statement or 20 G20 = key that is held in Washington. The G20, adjustments have been made in the direction that is put into the statement what you take into account the impact on the world economy, seek a quick solution for the financial problems of the United States of focus.


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