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Economic news(2013/10/19)

Kyoto   Hakone

Lending to the affected small and medium-sized enterprises in Tokyo Izu Oshima

2013-10-19 21:43:00
Tokyo, now that the target small and medium-sized enterprises of Izu Oshima that were damaged by landslides large-scale, you begin to lend loans at a low interest rate business funds needed for recovery.


And strengthen the non-life insurance industry bicycle

2013-10-19 14:49:00
While cyclists and leisure commuting increases, from the fact that a serious accident is also one after another, property and casualty insurance industry has strengthened its sales of insurance of the bike for you can increase the amount of compensation, or by price cut premiums You.


Postage postcard to ¥ 52

2013-10-19 13:43:00
Review the postage along with the increase in the consumption tax rate in April next year, to 50 yen to 52 yen to the current postcard, Japan Post Japan Post Group, price increases by 2 yen to 80 yen to 82 yen to the current letter It was decided to be.


Canada free trade agreement between the EU basic agreement

2013-10-19 09:08:00
The 18th, announced that it has reached a basic agreement in the negotiations of the Free Trade Agreement, which has been carried out aimed at the liberalization of services and trade, EU has with the United States is the largest trading partner is the Canadian government and the EU = European Union It is likely to also affect the outcome of negotiations that are underway between.


To the two companies acquired overseas Softbank smartphone business

2013-10-19 07:05:00
Of major telecommunications company "Softbank" is now in order to be able to expand the smartphone business abroad, to acquire, such as wholesale company of mobile terminals in the United States with approximately 270 billion yen, the two companies overseas.


Mizuho parent company shareholders demand compensation claim

2013-10-19 05:29:00
a problem that "Mizuho Bank" is, did not eliminate the loans to gangsters colleagues, and responsibility of the parent company, "Mizuho Financial Group" fails to supervision and heavy, the shareholders of the parent company, 1.1 billion in the management of the former it was found that to claim compensation of the circle over, and asked the company. If they are not achieved, it is policy that causes the shareholder lawsuit for the first time in a series of problems.


Also in Chinese and contaminated water related information Korean

2013-10-19 04:47:00
Amid that receives contaminated water problem of TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, South Korea and to import ban seafood county of some, the safety of seafood in Japan is attracting attention from abroad, the Fisheries Agency, pollution It was decided to publish a home page by the translation not only English information about the water, also Chinese and Korean.


Focus Cool Japan next week

2013-10-19 01:08:00
The 22nd, international trade fair for to sell overseas movies and music, and Japanese animation as part of the Cool Japan strategy that the government proceed will begin in Tokyo. A schedule of three days, companies and organizations of approximately 150 music companies and movie companies, such as animation production company in Japan to participate, this trade fair such as the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry opened, line and negotiations with foreign buyers until the 24th We will. (Main plan). ▽ (month) Trade Statistics (2013 first half-year), Bank of Japan branch managers meeting on the 21st. ▽ 22 (Tue) Cool Japan International Trade Fair (Tokyo). ▽ 23 (Wed.) gasoline price survey foreign visitors statistics (September minutes). ▽ 24 (Thu) monthly economic report. ▽ (gold) consumer price index (September minute), corporate service price index (September minutes), JFE Holdings interim results NTT DoCoMo interim closing the 25th


Decreased to 0.615% long-term interest rates

2013-10-19 00:03:00
Tokyo bond market of the 18th, from concerns about the outlook for the American economy due to financial problems, Japanese government bonds that are relatively safe assets bought, long-term interest rates fell to 0.615%.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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