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Economic news(2013/10/23)

Kyoto   Hakone

The rise 97 yen yen exchange rate

2013-10-23 18:26:00
Against the background of the view the time being, monetary policy of the United States that followed by quantitative easing now, move to sell the dollar in the afternoon is strengthened, the Tokyo foreign exchange market 23-day, $ 1 = 97 yen level to yen exchange rate I rose up.


Drops greater share price

2013-10-23 16:34:00
The Tokyo stock market of the 23rd, the order goes out to sell a wide range of stocks from such that the yen has advanced in the foreign exchange market, stock prices had fallen significantly.


The highest ever number of tourists visiting Japan last month

2013-10-23 16:09:00
In such relaxation of issuing visa requirements of the Southeast Asian countries and the yen depreciation trend has continued, foreign tourists last month, visited Japan, 867,100 and increased significantly compared to the same month of the previous year I became a lot by far the most people and, as in September.


Attention this winter "hot carbonate"

2013-10-23 15:36:00
In an attempt to raise the demand for carbonated beverage sales fall in the cold season, now that the warm carbonated beverage, which is also referred to as "hot carbonate" will be released in succession, how far can contribute to sales, it is likely to be attention.


Rise in two consecutive weeks gasoline prices

2013-10-23 15:20:00
And rose in two consecutive weeks from such that crude oil prices international rises, the retail price of regular gasoline this week, became 160.1 yen per liter in the national average.


Also numerical targets in the power supply and demand of Hokkaido winter

2013-10-23 14:58:00
While margin minimum required to stable supply in the tube of the power company when all can be secured, the tube of the Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Inc., Commission of the government, which has been verified the power supply and demand of this winter, the flexibility from other companies We have documented report that was because of the constraints, and it is necessary to request the power saving with the numerical targets.


The corresponding split of three companies new iPad mobile

2013-10-23 14:07:00
tablet terminal market fierce share competition continues, for the new model of the Apple iPad, which was announced on the 23rd, while KDDI and Softbank to sell from next month, have been NTT DoCoMo and forgo the time being, is supported by three companies mobile giant It was a controversial form.


Interest to Taiwan for full-scale exports to domestic soybean

2013-10-23 13:09:00
Amid expand exports of agricultural products is the challenge, I have decided to agricultural cooperatives in Hokkaido Honbetsu town, embark on exports of soybeans to Taiwan from this year. When depends on the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, it is to export a full-fledged domestic soybean that's the first time except for the one time before the war.


and "The thin and light" new iPad launch

2013-10-23 10:45:00
For tablet devices iPad, announced the model of the new thin and light than ever, IT company Apple in the United States, is attention to whether you can put the brakes on the decline in market share due to offensive rival.


Improvement of Mizuho Financial Services Agency (FSA) loan problem also examined the challenges

2013-10-23 04:17:00
A problem has been different answers and facts to inspection by the Financial Services Agency Mizuho Bank brought this one home loans to gangsters colleagues, voice to point out inspection said it was insufficient from the National Assembly are also out, the bank as a result improvement of inspection of the Financial Services Agency that did not see through the lack of explanation of the side is also likely to be a challenge.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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