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Economic news(2013/11/14)

Kyoto   Hakone

Eurozone GDP 2 consecutive positive

2013-11-14 22:03:00
Growth rate of GDP = gross regional production of the July to September this year in the country, plus two terms of 0.1% compared with three months ago of Europe 17 have introduced a single currency, the euro It was a plus in succession, but the growth rate was lower than market expectations.


Unit 1 Baniraea arrived at Narita Airport

2013-11-14 20:42:00
It has to be the 14th, airliner which is the No. 1 budget airline ANA system to take over AirAsia Japan of "Baniraea" arrived at Narita Airport, to prepare for the flight start from next month.


Japan Post postal services revenues for the first time

2013-11-14 18:54:00
In interim results up to September this year of Japan Post, and from the handling of "Yu-Pack" has increased, since privatization of six years ago, postal services of Japan Post group of severe business environment is followed, sales for the first time became.


Announced the JBA antisocial forces strengthen measures

2013-11-14 17:44:00
A conference of the 14th, in order to prevent the financing of anti-social forces in the financial world whole, Kokubu Takeshi chairman of JBA = Japanese Bankers Association, beginning trust credit company, the information, such as related to organized crime groups who JBA held The announced measures that incorporate and be provided to industry associations of eight banks and insurance companies, etc. together.


The carefully into the city Bear - leading companies 100 companies Anke

2013-11-14 16:57:00
Amid the government makes a wage increase request to repeat business community, drawing attention to the whereabouts of the labor negotiations of the spring offensive of early next year. Results NHK has conducted a questionnaire survey of 100 companies leading companies, companies that are considering the wage increase has been reached 44 companies, but companies that are considering the base up to raise across the board base salary remains at 8 companies , it was found that to raise the level of wages, it is not cautious.


Council established in attract tourists Muslim

2013-11-14 16:03:00
It is now that the Council that will lure foreign tourists private companies and government cooperation is established in Chiba City, will consider measures to accept tourists Muslim increase is expected.


Rise in stock prices over 300 yen

2013-11-14 13:12:00
The Tokyo stock market of the 14th, the order spread to buy the stocks of many from the expectation that monetary easing in the United States is continued the time being, it is prolonged, 300 yen or more, the Nikkei Stock Average has risen. From the expectation that monetary easing "the United States is continued the time being, to be prolonged, in addition to the fact that the Dow Jones Industrial Average has updated the highest value in the New York market, market participants have become weaker yen somewhat in the foreign exchange market We are talking about there also, and "has become deployment order increases to buy the stocks of many other export-related.


GDP4 consecutive positive growth also slowed

2013-11-14 10:43:00
Growth rate of GDP = gross domestic product from July to September this year, plus 0.5%, plus 1.9 at an annualized rate compared with three months earlier in real terms, excluding the change in prices % and, it became a positive growth of 4 consecutive years, but from such fall in exports and sluggish consumer spending, growth has slowed compared to the previous period.


I show new FRB chairman mitigation measures continue attitude

2013-11-14 08:11:00
The Ieren Vice Chair was nominated chairman of the next of FRB = Federal Reserve Board, which corresponds to the central bank of the United States, it is announced in advance to testify at hearings for the approval of the Senate, the United States economy is still unemployment rate high, I showed the attitude to continue, such as quantitative easing for now until the economy strong recovery.


Medical business in China Mitsubishi Corporation

2013-11-14 04:48:00
With reduced cost will ensure that in China, where an increase in health care costs has become challenges, embark on business that sells medical materials such as syringes, to raise a large amount in a lump sum, Mitsubishi Corporation of the leading trading company, Japan It is the policy of the introduction of a system which can be called type, to expand the business.


To 500 billion yen loan full-scale study to TEPCO

2013-11-14 04:11:00
Policy shown in financial institutions in the 14th income and expenditure plans to it and aim to secure a current account surplus next year, the financial institutions such as "the Development Bank of Japan", TEPCO, for TEPCO in response to this It is expected to go into full consideration in the direction to respond to the financing of 500 billion yen in total.


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