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Economic news(2013/11/18)

Kyoto   Hakone

The $ 16,000 base NY Dow

2013-11-18 23:44:00
The New York stock market of the 18th, the order spread to buy from such perspective of quantitative easing now in the United States that followed the time being, the Dow Jones Industrial Average stock price was updated maximum value with a $ 16,000 base.


Match in the EPA negotiations with the EU accelerated

2013-11-18 22:31:00
Met with Defufuto committee in charge of trade policy in the EU = European Union, for the EPA = economic partnership agreements with the EU and Japan under negotiation, Mogi Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, a list describing the items to eliminate tariffs as soon as possible matched by such exchange, and go to accelerate the negotiations.


To meet with daytime economy Association, application software Deputy Prime Minister

2013-11-18 19:57:00
The 19th, the delegation of Japan-China Economic Association Yonekura, chairman of Keidanren are visiting China, was lump be meeting with Deputy Prime Minister, application software, which is in charge of economic policy in the Chinese government.


To further intensify competition in '40 convenience store

2013-11-18 19:22:00
Some convenience stores will be in Japan, it becomes '40 just this year, overall sales will expand up to 1.5 times that of the department store industry, the largest of the Seven - Eleven, such as the plan to open a large-scale in the future , competition is likely to become more intense.


99 yen late yen exchange rate

2013-11-18 18:23:00
Tokyo Foreign Exchange Market on the 18th beginning of the week, the movement to buy circle out from such that closing price of the Nikkei Stock Average fell below the last weekend, the yen has risen to slightly until the late 99 yen range.


High of poor catch smelt unusual

2013-11-18 16:32:00
The capelin fishery of eastern Hokkaido coast boasts a landed nation's leading, now is the golden age, but landed less in poor catch this year, retail prices has become a high unusual compared to the usual year.


Consecutive month increase or condominium release 6 of the Tokyo metropolitan area

2013-11-18 15:44:00
etc. that people who try to buy before housing prices to rise in many cases, it has increased 21% over than the same month of the previous year, number of units of new apartment last month, was released in the Tokyo metropolitan area, before consecutive month 6 I was higher than a year.


To China among the Japan-China Economic Association delegation deteriorating relations

2013-11-18 10:50:00
Amid Japan-China relations to deteriorate, in order to meet with leaders of the Chinese government with the aim of strengthening relations in the economic, the 18th, the delegation of Japan-China Economic Association Yonekura, chairman of Keidanren, leave for China were.


Total sales meeting of 700 million yen gold product

2013-11-18 08:18:00
Sales meeting a collection of gold product of 700 million yen totaling such as coffee cups and kettle to boil water of pure gold has been opened in a department store in Tokyo's Ueno.


Japan-China Economic Association today visited China

2013-11-18 05:21:00
Amid Japan-China relations to deteriorate, the delegation of Japan-China Economic Association Yonekura, chairman of Keidanren visited China from the 18th, through talks with leaders of the Chinese government, it has been decided to aim to improve relations in the economic You.


The large amount of orders for new Boeing airliner 777X

2013-11-18 04:12:00
In the air show held in Dubai UAE = United Arab Emirates, in response to the large order of 250 aircraft over from the airlines of each country, the new airliner Boeing of the United States had developed "777X type machine" is, manufacturing launch of the plan has been formally announced.


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