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Economic news(2013/11/26)

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Introducing the Shinkansen in the event of an Australian

2013-11-26 20:37:00
It started in Sydney, Australia from the 26th, such as manufacturers and JR Tokai is also participating from Japan, railway events railway business officials from around the world gather to Everyone is, to introduce the latest technology, such as traffic control systems and train Shinkansen have.


Genuine and lobster soaring shortage

2013-11-26 20:10:00
The producer of lobster in Chiba Prefecture, after it was in short supply in the typhoon successive, the price of lobster is soaring genuine is growing amid misstatements of foodstuffs spate in and hotels, such as accommodation and fisheries company puzzled have.


Increase flights of Haneda Yamagata Tottori Iwami

2013-11-26 18:44:00
As a result of reviewing the proposal, such as attract tourists from the municipality towards the increase flights local List of routes of Haneda Airport, the Ministry of Land, 1 from next spring for flights to the airports of Iwami Yamagata, Tottori, Shimane Prefecture It was decided to increase by one round-trip day.


The securing of income set-aside review farmers

2013-11-26 18:25:00
In connection with the review of the set-aside policy, at a meeting of JA Group which was held in Kobe on the 26th, Banzai chapter president of JA Zenchu ​​= Central Union of Agricultural Cooperatives is, and government so as to not hurt the income of farmers we showed the idea to go to continue lobbying.


The small and medium-sized funding request for assistance before the end of the year

2013-11-26 15:10:00
The 26th, and exchanged views with representatives of financial institutions, in the background, such as rising raw material costs due to the depreciation of the yen, financing of small and medium-sized enterprises as being worried towards the end of the year, Aso Deputy Prime Minister-cum-Finance Minister to tackle the financing actively I was asked.


Am closing stock price drops

2013-11-26 13:42:00
The Tokyo stock market of the 26th, orders sell out and try to ensure that the interests of the immediate future, such as from a sense of caution to the rapid rise in stock prices of this place, the stock price has fallen.


Mechanism of Agriculture Minister growers themselves judgment

2013-11-26 13:02:00
For that you have decided to government, to abolish the prospect five years after the mechanism of the so-called set-aside policy, at a press conference of the Cabinet after the 26th, Hayashi Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in response to demand their own "growers to determine It said "he mechanism to produce Te, we have emphasized the idea that to lead to competitiveness of agriculture.


3 people carefully opinion the target Bank of Japan 2%

2013-11-26 12:11:00
In around the inflation outlook the latest Bank of Japan announced last month, three of the policy committee of nine people, to realize a price target of 2 percent the year after next level, between 27 fiscal year and as such it is difficult to express a cautious stance it was found that it was.


Beginning of negotiations of FTA3 th CJK

2013-11-26 11:25:00
Negotiation meeting for the third time towards the conclusion of FTA = free trade agreement by the three countries China and Japan, South Korea begins in Tokyo, Japan, a cautious attitude to the tariff reduction of industrial products on the grounds of protection of the domestic industry It has to be for China to show, we will encourage you to respond to liberalization of the higher level.


Updated NY Dow Jones Industrial Average highest value

2013-11-26 07:59:00
The New York stock market of the 25th, the order increases to buy mainly retailing in response to such that the nuclear development issue of Iran reached an agreement, futures price of crude oil has fallen, Dow Jones Industrial Average was updated the highest value .


NY crude oil drops in the Iran nuclear issue agreed

2013-11-26 07:01:00
New York crude oil market of the 25th, orders gathered sell crude oil futures in response to that the nuclear issue of Iran has reached an agreement, temporary futures price has fallen to the level of the month the first time or about 5.


Atlantic bluefin tuna quota is deferred

2013-11-26 06:10:00
Quota of bluefin tuna next year an international conference to discuss the resource management of bluefin tuna in the Atlantic closed its doors, had become the focus of the largest that as it is necessary to ensuring the recovery of resources, and defer to the same amount this year at I agreed.


Political decision in the TPP negotiations Ministerial Meeting

2013-11-26 04:33:00
The chief negotiators meeting was held in the United States by around the TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, a breakthrough not Miidase in areas such as tariff elimination, the whereabouts of the goal of the year concluded, at the Ministerial Meeting to be held in Singapore next month It is now that it is up to the political decision.


At a high level the first time in 13 years the Nasdaq stock index

2013-11-26 01:37:00
The Nasdaq market American brand of IT-related, such as Apple or Google is listed many, the 25th, in addition to the expectations of economic recovery in the United States, a sense of security in response to the nuclear issue of Iran has reached an agreement order increases to buy from that it is spread, temporary stock index, rose to 4000-point level to approximately the first time in 13 years.


The confidence in the French central bank governor economic recovery

2013-11-26 00:14:00
The reform of the labor market further to the 25th, Noyer Governor of the Banque de France according to the interview with NHK, to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises as well as show the confidence in economic recovery states that "the euro zone have begun to grow again," said I have stressed the need.


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