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Economic news(2013/11/27)

Kyoto   Hakone

To the LNG receiving terminal construction in Soma Port

2013-11-27 22:31:00
In order to provide a stable supply of LNG = liquefied natural gas demand is growing in the Tohoku region, in Soma Port in Fukushima Prefecture, engaged in the development of oil and natural gas "Petroleum Exploration" is an investment of approximately 60 billion yen it was decided to build a base acceptance of LNG.


5 years surplus BOJ Interim Results

2013-11-27 20:57:00
From the fact that the value of such securities of foreign depreciation of the yen proceeds from such expectations of monetary easing large-scale, held has increased, interim results of the 25 fiscal year Heisei of the Bank of Japan, convertible island surplus for the first time in five years were.


Profit increase in life insurance interim closing weaker yen

2013-11-27 20:32:00
8 companies major life insurance company has announced, the interim results of September this year, while it was lower than the previous year in the six companies, insurance premium income, which is equivalent to sales increasing number of interest income of foreign bonds held for weaker yen order was, income was growing at eight companies company.


Euro sales for the first time in 4 Toshi-yo yen exchange rate

2013-11-27 18:24:00
Euro bought from the fact that it was told the Tokyo Foreign Exchange Market as of June 27, and agreed to launch of the coalition government in Germany, yen exchange rate, circle of the moon the first time or about 4 years 1 and € 1 = 138 yen stand first half It was a level of cheap euro.


Turnaround in Edwin workouts

2013-11-27 16:02:00
Jeans manufacturers are having a heavy debt in the failure of the stock or investment exchange "Edwin" is now able to use a technique called, which is a kind of private and organizing "Business Revitalization ADR", to promote the rebuilding of management were.


5 consecutive weeks gasoline drops

2013-11-27 15:38:00
The drops in five consecutive weeks from the import cost of crude oil fell, retail price of regular gasoline this week was 156.9 yen per liter in the national average.


Summarize Department Stores Association misstatement prevention measures

2013-11-27 14:58:00
A problem that misstatements menu is one after another and restaurants within the store, Japan Department Stores Association to create a department store companies, pillars and that it asks for the tenants and restaurants, and to certify in writing how to cook ingredients and We have documented measures to prevent recurrence was.


Highest value updated at NY stock four consecutive days

2013-11-27 08:21:00
Order comes out in response to that index indicating the price movements of house prices in the United States grew significantly, buying mainly housing-related, New York stock market of the 26th, the best in four consecutive days of the business day the Dow Jones Industrial Average stock price I have updated the value.


WTO partial agreement negotiations difficulties

2013-11-27 05:27:00
The 26th, open the General Council by the Member States, we discuss some areas among trade liberalization negotiations that have stymied the "Doha Round", is aimed at agreement but WTO = World Trade Organization, countries conflict is not resolved, it will be noted at the ministerial meeting to be held next month, or be able to come up with breakthrough.


Panasonic semiconductor business significantly reduced

2013-11-27 04:54:00
Panasonic of major electronics manufacturers are now able to greatly reduce the semiconductor business profitability has deteriorated entered an adjustment in the direction of the real, to sell the semiconductor plant of three in the country.


Toyota to highest fuel consumption HV car sales

2013-11-27 04:16:00
Toyota, fuel economy and announced it will sell next month fuel consumption per liter of petrol and 37 kg, the car that fuel economy is the best as a hybrid car by far the Honda, has also become an important factor when choosing a car competition in efficiency, is likely to be violently further light car also involved.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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