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Economic news(2013/11/30)

Kyoto   Hakone

Groundbreaking ceremony Japanese development assistance in Myanmar

2013-11-30 22:34:00
Myanmar investment from various countries have become active, the groundbreaking ceremony of the Special Economic Zone to support the development of Japan have led have been made.


To steel plant acquisition of Nippon Steel Sumitomo Metals rice

2013-11-30 16:21:00
To meet the growth in automobile production in the United States, in collaboration of the world's largest and "Arcelor Mittal", Nippon Steel Sumitomo Metals steel giant factory to make steel plates for automobiles that steelmakers Germany owns in the United States , it was decided to acquire approximately 155 billion yen.


TPP participation of Korea "in negotiations conclusion after"

2013-11-30 13:45:00
about South Korea shows interest in negotiating participation in TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, was to clear a policy of entering into consultations with the countries concerned, Froment Trade Representative of the United States issued a statement, We welcome this, South Korea I showed the view of participation that will be after the negotiations that are underway in 12 countries already have been concluded.


Gifts shopping season in earnest high-priced is strong

2013-11-30 13:24:00
Gifts shopping season of the year is in full swing, in the department of department stores, it is the sale of goods priced higher than usual that's good to reflect the recovery trend of the economy.


To foreigners for the first time became president of Takeda

2013-11-30 12:06:00
Takeda Pharmaceutical giant has officially announced to strengthen the international business, and lead to the president of foreigners for the first time from the leading pharmaceutical company in the United Kingdom. A leading Japanese companies, invite to the top in the form of a head hunt foreigners it is unusual.


Accident that unexpected in home of Ise shrimp

2013-11-30 09:21:00
Misstatement of food ingredients different from the display of the menu at hotels and restaurants around the country will be used have come to light in succession. Now, after another order from all over the country, accident an unexpected has occurred in the production of premium quality ingredients real, which has been displayed in the menu.


To about 2% of monthly salary hike Nomura young employees

2013-11-30 08:34:00
Securities's largest "Nomura", as in order to boost the movement of economic recovery, and we decided to raise approximately 2% on average from April next year, the monthly salary of the employees, which corresponds to about 30% of the total in the center the young generation were.


Highest value update of NY Dow traded during

2013-11-30 07:32:00
Temporary Dow Jones average has updated the maximum value of time during trading hours against the backdrop of expectations of economic recovery in the United States in New York stock market of the 29th day after a holiday, but to 6 business days in the closing order spread to sell soon were drops.


Next fiscal year budget draft basic policy of the government is found

2013-11-30 04:53:00
draft of the basic policy of the next fiscal year budget that the government put together in the middle of next month was found, "financial situation is extremely severe," as has been an indicator of fiscal consolidation for the "basic fiscal balance", the 4 trillion yen in the "next year they are listed to be "to improve the balance of payments in excess.


Focus rice employment statistics next week's presentation

2013-11-30 01:19:00
December 6, employment statistics of the United States in November that it has attracted attention as a clue to determine FRB = Federal Reserve Board, which corresponds to the central bank of the United States, whether or not the go ahead to the reduction of quantitative easing of now will be announced.


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