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Economic news(2013/12/03)

Kyoto   Hakone

The conclusion in June prospect reform next year, such as agricultural cooperatives review

2013-12-03 22:43:00
The 3rd, the government showed the policy is to review the role and nature of organizations such as agricultural cooperatives for at a meeting to determine the agricultural policy by ministers, it is the growth industry of agriculture, conclude in prospect in June next year.


Begin WTO Ministerial Conference "concrete achievements"

2013-12-03 21:14:00
Opinion seeking concrete results in trade liberalization negotiations Ministerial Conference of the WTO = World Trade Organization begins in Indonesia from the 3rd, have difficulties in opening ceremony was one after another.


Discussion with the United States Vice President Biden female managers

2013-12-03 18:42:00
Afternoon the 3rd, visited the social game leading companies in the Tokyo women were entrepreneurs, about how going to enhance the economic growth by leveraging the power of women, Vice President Biden of the United States are visited Japan women managers from I have exchanged views with.


The awards to companies of food self-sufficiency rate contribution

2013-12-03 17:27:00
The 3rd, awards ceremony honoring the companies and organizations that made the effort with excellent increase the consumption of domestic agricultural products, and to increase the food self-sufficiency rate of "Food Action Nippon Award" was held in Tokyo, the grand prize of the year tea made with rice in Japan was chosen.


Willcom and eAccess to merger

2013-12-03 17:01:00
Of communication leading "SOFTBANK" was announced to the merger in April next year, a group company of two mobile phone companies as "eAccess", maker of PHS business of "Willcom" to streamline management.


"5 important exception item" such as JA

2013-12-03 15:59:00
In around the negotiations of TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, before ministerial meeting from being held in Singapore from the 7th of this month, the 3rd, and farmers across the country to open the rally massive in Tokyo, wheat and rice, such as agricultural products I was urged to protect the resolutions of the National Assembly, which was with the exception of the tariff elimination five items of importance.


This year the highest share price update

2013-12-03 15:25:00
From the fact that the depreciation of the yen has advanced further in the foreign exchange market, the order spread to buy, such as stocks of export-related, and 15,749 yen 66 sen, the Tokyo stock market for three days, that as a closing price closing price of the Nikkei Stock Average The highs of the tooth, we rise to the level of approximately 6 years.


"Baniraea" No. 1 debut

2013-12-03 14:28:00
New aircraft of the re-start budget airline arrived at Narita Airport by changing the name to "Baniraea" from the "AirAsia Japan" in the downturn of the use, in-flight meals and uniforms of the cabin crew was also unveiled.


Updated consecutive monthly record high or funding amount 9

2013-12-03 11:42:00
indicate the amount of money that the Bank of Japan is supplying to the market "monetary base", it becomes 191 trillion yen more than at the end of the time last month by monetary easing large-scale, was a record high consecutive month 9.


103 yen Tokyo market yen exchange rate

2013-12-03 11:03:00
The movement of the dollar-buying yen selling is out of the expectation of economic recovery in the United States, the exchange rate of the yen, the Tokyo foreign exchange market of three days, drops to $ 1 = 103 yen table which is the depreciation of the yen dollar high level of approximately half years we have. Market participants is the view among the index improvement is followed by economic conditions in the manufacturing sector of "the United States and exceed the expectations of the market, timing of monetary easing now in the United States is reduced that or not than earlier also, dollar-buying We talk with "is a factor of.


The goal of 10% female managers Bank of Japan

2013-12-03 07:31:00
The Bank of Japan, announced order to proceed with the appointment of women, introduced a numerical targets for the first time, to be raised to 10% from 3.8% of the current over the next 10 years, the percentage of female employees accounted for managers as a whole.


In the mid-"economic measures" 5 trillion yen of consumption tax increase

2013-12-03 06:53:00
It was found that it was the prospect that draft are working to formulate the government in preparation for the increase in the consumption tax rate of "economic measures" were found, the scale of the measures amounted to mid 5 trillion yen in total.


How can show the significance of existence to the WTO Ministerial Conference

2013-12-03 05:49:00
It starts in Bali, Indonesia from the 3rd, of the liberalization negotiations of trade, Ministerial Conference of WTO = World Trade Organization will be the focal point or be bound to an agreement partial and simplified customs procedures.


High levels of the month or the first time in eight years 8 wholesale price of eggs

2013-12-03 04:08:00
By the effect of the intense heat of this summer has continued, has become one of the measure of the rate of egg, the average wholesale price of eggs of one month last month in Tokyo district, more than 20 percent below the same period of last year The rose, making it the high level of the moon or the first time in eight years 8.


To $ 1 = 103 yen stand NY market first time in six months

2013-12-03 00:19:00
In New York foreign exchange market in the 2nd beginning of the week, the movement to sell the yen to buy dollars from the expectations of economic recovery in the United States out, the yen has fallen to $ 1 = ¥ 103 stand for the first time in half a year approximately.


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