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Economic news(2013/12/08)

Kyoto   Hakone

Not filled completely opinion gap of TPP Japan-US

2013-12-08 19:05:00
At the ministerial meeting of the TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement has been held in Singapore, faces the bilateral meeting with the United States, Japan has been discussed, such as regulation of the automotive sector in Japan or elimination of tariffs, such as agricultural products, but of opinion gap is not filled completely, it was decided to continue consultations.


New features to meet in the voice speaks

2013-12-08 14:09:00
In between the company that operates the search site on the Internet, the movement by adding a new functionality that will respond by voice information you want to know just talk in addition to the search function of the prior art, that try to increase the user has spread .


Sanfrecce Hiroshima victory anniversary sale

2013-12-08 12:23:00
The 8th you open overnight from J1 of consecutive Sanfrecce Hiroshima football · J1, sale to commemorate the championship was held in department stores in Hiroshima.


Or retaliate intense discussion of TPP Japan-US talks

2013-12-08 12:14:00
Ministerial Meeting of TPP = Pacific partnership agreement which is open in Singapore celebrates its second day, it faces the bilateral talks with the United States, Japan brought this one home and regulation of the automotive sector and Japanese tariff elimination of agricultural products It is a pattern there was interplay of intense debate.


Seek agreement in the country talks TPP 4

2013-12-08 06:34:00
The 8th of the second day, the field conflict continues between the emerging and developing countries, such as "environment", Ministerial Meeting of TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement has been held in Singapore is a group meeting of the country every 4 We decided to conduct the discussion, to explore the contact towards agreement on the entire meeting.


40% of auto parts manufacturers profits

2013-12-08 04:19:00
Results of the automotive manufacturers has improved greatly, such as the depreciation of the yen, but from such as that new car sales in Japan have been sluggish, approximately 40% is a decline in the interim results, parts manufacturers of car parts manufacturers movement of business recovery It has become a form that is not well spread between.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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