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Economic news(2013/12/09)

Kyoto   Hakone

The TPP talks to "intellectual property"

2013-12-09 20:51:00
Now in its third day, with the entire meeting of ministers of 12 countries, one of the areas where negotiations have bogged down, Ministerial Meeting of TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement has been opened in Singapore, of patents and copyrights to discuss, such as protection for "intellectual property", I will be seen as one that consultation of nails.


103 yen stand first half the yen decline

2013-12-09 18:14:00
Tokyo Foreign Exchange Market as of the beginning of the week, from the expectations of economic recovery in the United States, the movement to buy dollars and euros by selling circle spread, the yen has fallen to 103 yen level $ 1.


Total liabilities to minimize the subsequent bankruptcies decreased

2013-12-09 17:19:00
From that background and economic measures of the government, bankruptcy of the construction industry in a significant reduction in the number of, and below the same month of the previous year in the fourth consecutive month, the total debt, the number of companies that went bankrupt last month, now since 2000 it has published the statistics in the form, it became the least as November.


350 yen more than closing stock price rise

2013-12-09 15:46:00
The Tokyo stock market beginning of the week, the order goes out to buy a wide range of issues, such as that from the depreciation of the yen has advanced in the foreign exchange market, the Nikkei Stock Average has risen significantly from the 350 yen or more from the end of last week.


Power saving request of more than 6% from Hokkaido today

2013-12-09 13:04:00
In Hokkaido to perform power saving request of winter only, put up numerical targets in the country, the request period to seek a power saving of more than 6% compared to fiscal year 2010 from the 9th begins, in Sapporo city, immediately, the officials of the city I was called for cooperation to save power.


Japan and the United States point of agreement or seek to tomorrow last day TPP

2013-12-09 12:15:00
Morning, and met briefly with Froment Trade Representative of the United States, Nishimura Deputy Minister of the Cabinet Office that attended the ministerial meeting of the TPP = Pacific partnership agreement which is open in Singapore, for the final day of the 10th , is seen to have been exploring the points that can be agreed, such as tariff elimination.


The deficit in the month or the first time in October current account 9

2013-12-09 09:55:00
From the deficit of the trade balance has been greatly expanded the value of imports such as crude oil is increased by the depreciation of the yen, and a deficit of 127.9 billion yen, since January this year, the current account of Japan in October of this year, 9 months It was a deficit of yellowtail.


The downward revision to 1.1% in July-September GDP per annum

2013-12-09 09:05:00
And from that corporate capital investment sluggish, growth rate of real plus is next to 1.1 percent at an annual rate, revised level of GDP = gross domestic product from July to September this year, compared with the preliminary stages of the last month It has been 0.8 percentage point downward revision Te.


Practical research of regenerative medicine in earnest

2013-12-09 04:44:00
In collaboration with bio-ventures, and will have to embark on the development of drugs to treat diseases of the eye using the iPS cells, a movement aimed at commercialization of regenerative medicine among the major pharmaceutical manufacturers have been earnest Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma .


Exports increased in consecutive months China 2

2013-12-09 00:22:00
Such as that from exports for the United States economy is recovering has increased, total exports of the last month in China, were higher than in the same month of last year for two consecutive months.


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