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Economic news(2013/12/16)

Kyoto   Hakone

JR Tokai Tsuge vice president to president appointed

2013-12-16 21:21:00
I became that JR Tokai announced the president change, Tsuge Yasuhide vice president, appointed in April next year to succeed Yamada Keishin president. 16 day and night, Tsuge Mr. press conference, I showed the idea to tackle with full force, such as the realization of linear Chuo Shinkansen.


Adjusted by 96 trillion yen next fiscal year budget

2013-12-16 19:13:00
Government that from such as that for the next fiscal year budget plan to decide on the 24th of this month, social security costs will increase further with aging, we are working to adjust the direction of the 96 trillion yen in the past up to the total amount of general accounting I was found.


Cooperation with the Japan-Arab industrial development

2013-12-16 18:55:00
International Conference being held in Tokyo to discuss the strengthening of economic relations with Arab countries and Japan confirmed and that it adopted a joint statement, the public and private sectors to cooperate not only the energy sector, or the development of industry were.


1 trillion yen reduction adjustment TEPCO year

2013-12-16 18:15:00
In the business plan are summarized in this month, it cut the price the electricity rates in stages by resuming the operation of the nuclear power plant of all seven units of the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power plant in Niigata Prefecture, TEPCO year than current levels in 10 years at it was found that it is adjusted in the direction that incorporate a reduction in electricity rates of 1 trillion yen in total.


New services in the smartphone stock

2013-12-16 17:05:00
Distribution of major "ion" unveiled a new service that allows users examine inventory using a smartphone such as specialty stores supermarkets and shopping malls, you can download a discount coupon.


Drops 250 yen or more stock

2013-12-16 15:39:00
The Tokyo stock market beginning of the week, the order goes out to sell a wide range of issues, such as from the movement of the yen's depreciation recently has lull, the Nikkei Stock Average has fallen significantly from the 250 yen or more from the end of last week.


22% increase in the Tokyo metropolitan area apartment released

2013-12-16 15:07:00
and increased 22% more than than the same month of the previous year, number of units of new apartment last month, was released in the Tokyo metropolitan area, were higher than in the previous years consecutive months 7.


Decline in the stock price perspective prudent outlook

2013-12-16 12:15:00
The Tokyo stock market beginning of the week, the Bank of Japan Tankan showed the improvement of the economy of corporate decision, but it does not lead to a buy order as there is also a cautious view on the outlook, stock price has fallen.


Improve the fourth consecutive year Tankan large manufacturers

2013-12-16 09:10:00
etc. that you and depends on the Tankan = Short-term Economic Survey of Enterprises Bank of Japan announced on the 16th, the depreciation of the yen trend continues, profitability of overseas business and corporate exports have improved, economic conditions in the manufacturing sector of large enterprises plus 16 I've improved the fourth consecutive year and point.


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