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Economic news(2013/12/18)

Kyoto   Hakone

Continued growth and low investment in China

2013-12-18 20:55:00
In China, the amount of foreign direct investment last month, an increase of 2.4 percent compared to the same month of last year, against a backdrop of soaring labor costs in China, it was limited to a relatively low growth.


TonenGeneral Acquires Mitsui Oil

2013-12-18 20:43:00
Amid domestic gasoline demand continues to decrease, the oil giant Motouri "Tonen General Sekiyu", acquired 89% of the shares leading trading company "Mitsui" has the "Mitsui Oil", cost competitiveness through the expansion of the scale it was decided to strengthen.


Housing acquisition of Fukushima reconstruction immigration destination also compensation object

2013-12-18 19:26:00
The new guidelines for the reconstruction of the accident of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant that the government has put together, in the case of residents who can not return to his hometown start living in the migration destination, the cost required for the acquisition of residential and be added to the subject of compensation is now clear.


Hitachi and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. officially announced the postponement of the thermal integration

2013-12-18 18:43:00
And "Mitsubishi Heavy Industries", "Hitachi", was planning to establish a new company by integrating the thermal power generation sector of the two companies in January next year, but from such as that examination in Korea related to competition law is prolonged, planning It was officially announced If you postpone or month 1.


Joint venture with Toyo Suisan Kaisha, Ltd. and abroad Ajinomoto

2013-12-18 18:19:00
Of major food manufacturers as "Ajinomoto", "Toyo Suisan Kaisha, Ltd." was announced to strengthen the business, such as instant noodles in overseas markets such as emerging countries growth continues, and we will create a new company that the two companies to invest.


Rise for 3 consecutive weeks gasoline

2013-12-18 17:05:00
Under the influence of oil wholesale company has raised the wholesale price, it becomes 157.7 yen per liter in the national average retail price of regular gasoline this week, has risen for 3 consecutive weeks.


Hitachi firepower integration postponed and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

2013-12-18 15:25:00
In order to enhance the thermal power generation business, the "Mitsubishi Heavy Industries", "Hitachi", was planning to establish a new company by integrating the thermal power generation sector of the two companies in January next year, but examination in Korea on competition law from and that it is prolonged, it was decided to postpone for one month plan.


Longest consecutive month trade deficit 17

2013-12-18 09:05:00
When depends on the announcement of the Ministry of Finance, trade balance of Japan last month minus imports from exports became a deficit of 1 trillion 292.9 billion yen. The trade deficit will be 17 consecutive months now, we have updated the longest in the 54 years since Showa that you can compare statistics.


To carefully consider the reduction of the FRB quantitative easing

2013-12-18 04:37:00
FRB = Federal Reserve Board, which corresponds to the central bank of the United States begins with dates of two days from the 17th the Open Market Committee, which determines monetary policy, amid improving trend is seen in the employment situation, a large amount of the financial markets at this you will be whether it can reduce the quantitative easing now that is funded, it is judged carefully.


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