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Economic news(2013/12/21)

Kyoto   Hakone

To 95 trillion yen over the past maximum the next fiscal year budget

2013-12-21 18:00:00
Having completed the ministerial-level negotiations all over the budget, the government has consolidated its next fiscal year budget the total amount of general accounting is 95 trillion 880 billion yen in the past maximum.


Outlook next year economic growth rate + 1.4%

2013-12-21 16:39:00
The outlook for economic growth next year, the government, plus 1.4 in real terms, which in effect was determined this month of "economic measures", the drop in the economy by raising the consumption tax rate as such is relaxed, except for the change in prices % I decided to be a about.


Ministerial-level negotiations local allocation tax to reduce

2013-12-21 12:12:00
The 21st, Shindo Minister Aso and Deputy Prime Minister cum Minister of Finance performs a ministerial-level negotiations with around the budget, a significant increase in local tax revenue is now as expected in the recovery of the economy next year of local governments for the "local allocation tax" it was decided to reduce approximately 250 billion yen from the fiscal year, to be reduced.


Currency depreciation of emerging in quantitative easing reduced

2013-12-21 11:45:00
By this week, FRB = Federal Reserve Board, which corresponds to the central bank of the United States, decided to reduction of quantitative easing now, in the foreign exchange market of the 20th, movement withdraw funds from emerging economies of some is strengthened, impact of currency depreciation on the emerging economies has been a concern.


Agreed settlement of German silver huge

2013-12-21 09:11:00
In court financial largest German "Deutsche Bank" is, as was selling illegally financial instruments associated with the mortgage, had been appealed to the housing finance authorities of the United States, the 20th, Deutsche Bank about in Japanese Yen It was agreed with the authorities by paying a settlement of the huge 200 billion yen.


Final adjustment at 300 billion yen reduced allocation tax

2013-12-21 07:12:00
The tax revenue of local next year, from and that a significant increase is expected in the economic recovery, the government, have discussed the direction of reduced 300 billion yen this fiscal year the local allocation tax of local governments in the next fiscal year budget, It is scheduled to make a final adjustment in the ministerial-level negotiations of the 21st.


To 20 million people a foreign travelers

2013-12-21 07:00:00
The greatly increased and the depreciation of the yen, a requirement relaxation of visa from Southeast Asia, the 20th, foreign travelers this year, visited Japan, we achieved for the first time the 10 million people the government listed. You have to want to connect to the activation of the economy, the government has decided to aim at 20 million people a year as the next target in the tailwind the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.


Highest value updated at NY stock three consecutive days

2013-12-21 06:31:00
New York stock market of the 20th, as was confirmed steady economic recovery in the United States by the growth rate of GDP = gross domestic product from July to September this year in the United States has been revised upward from the announcement until now order spread to buy, Dow Jones Industrial Average was updated highest value by appreciation.


Trading company based in China to Japanese sales expansion

2013-12-21 04:17:00
Amid the government listed the export expansion of agricultural and marine products in Japan, that it established a new company that sells upscale yellowtail and tuna in China, Mitsubishi Corporation of the leading trading companies, embark on sales of Japanese food such as sushi and sashimi is clearly became.


Next year's budget decision focus of next week

2013-12-21 00:16:00
Fiscal consolidation and prop up the economy, or will be able to achieve both. The 24th, the government, the Cabinet will determine the next year's budget. Consumption tax rate to 8% from 5%, next year will be pulled first time in 17 years. In the budget, it will be noted, along with minimizing the economic downturn of the tax increase after, or can show the way to put the brakes on the financial deterioration.


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