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Economic news(2013/12/23)

Kyoto   Hakone

Corporate real estate acquisition value best real estate investment trust management

2013-12-23 10:46:00
The total amount of real estate corporation market is rapidly expanding in the background stock high and the economic recovery, to operate the REIT to acquire this year, REIT = Real Estate Investment Trust to operate in the real estate funds collected from investors, last year It is expected to reach a record high of nearly three times.


Smartphone to supply to Apple China's largest

2013-12-23 09:55:00
The 22nd, IT company Apple in the United States has announced that it has agreed that the mobile phone company China Mobile, China's largest with a contractor of 700 million or more people, to supply the smartphone iPhone from the middle of next month.


Or the fourth consecutive year shipments increased beverage market

2013-12-23 06:08:00
Against the background of the declining birthrate and aging population, amid shrinking market sales of beer and decreasing every year is a concern, this year, the beverage markets such as carbonated beverages and tea at the prospect that shipments will increase for the fourth consecutive year, the summer In addition to the heat wave, or throw a spate of commodity food for specified health use, the so-called "FOSHU" will support the strong market.


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