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Economic news(2014/01/03)

Kyoto   Hakone

Also the voice of TPP negotiations prolonged concern

2014-01-03 20:33:00
You are also expected ministerial meeting that was supposed to be concluded until December last year, which has been the goal is not achieved, it is opened this month is also postponed, the government in negotiations over the TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, negotiated voice to be concerned about the prolonged also has come out.


China's economic structural reform of this year is to focus

2014-01-03 14:01:00
China's economy this year, among which pushed up the economy by public investment is difficult in the expansion of local government debt, to where leadership of the Communist Party, which we would like to maintain steady growth is the reform while suppressing the resistance of vested interests layer It becomes the focal point or proceed.


$ 100 or more drops NY stock

2014-01-03 09:30:00
The 2nd, the first transaction is carried out this year in New York stock market, in order to secure profits, movement to sell the shares rise was followed out this place, The Dow Jones average, $ 100 or more compared to the end of last year were drops.


Export promotion of agricultural and marine products in Japan brand

2014-01-03 05:09:00
In order to connect to expand exports of agricultural and marine products, JETRO = Japan External Trade Organization Helps to be able to PR as "Japan Brand" producer of multiple work together, the marketing efforts abroad that ever carried out in the production area each were many It is now doing.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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