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Economic news(2014/01/05)

Kyoto   Hakone

The spate of safe driving support development in the used car

2014-01-05 13:29:00
from the fact that popularity of equipment of safety has increased in the new car, such as the ability brake is applied automatically, toward a used car that is not equipped with these features, and safe driving in the "type retrofit" in between the related equipment manufacturers of automotive development of products that support has one after another.


I spate Brazil foray Japanese trading company to food security

2014-01-05 11:32:00
Amid that food go missing worldwide by population growth is a concern, investment in the farm of local attempts to ensure a stable such as soybean, such as Brazil in the future, the development is expected among the major Japanese trading companies foray into has one after another.


Boeing next generation machines manufactured in the United States

2014-01-05 08:57:00
Observations for the production of passenger aircraft of the next generation, one o'clock, a leading aircraft manufacturer in the United States, Boeing, that or not than to entrust the production of the wing to the factory in Japan and had come out, but the labor and management of Boeing, which continued negotiations is, it was agreed to continue to manufacture in the main factory, located in the western United States, Washington, to maintain local employment.


Tochigi Prefecture to the "Sky Berry" PR

2014-01-05 07:47:00
Later this month shipment new varieties of strawberries "Sky Berry" is earnest, Tochigi Prefecture, has been that by, for example, passing a PR video in the car of private railway running in the Tokyo metropolitan area, with the aim of fusing as a luxury brand.


Focus or are filled the grooves of TPP Japan-US

2014-01-05 04:19:00
It will not be concluded until the end of last year that had been the goal, consultation will continue this year, but for Japan that you want with the exception of the tariff elimination five items agricultural products such as wheat and rice, negotiations of TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, elimination It becomes the focus for the time being it is either filled the grooves of the claim with the United States seeking.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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